Melania Trump Vs. Brigitte Macron: Who Wears A Form-Fitting Mini Skirt Better? See Pics

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump and French First Lady Brigitte Macron both looked fabulous in outfits that included form-fitting mini skirts during their meeting in Paris on Nov. 10 but who rocked the look better?

First Lady Melania Trump, 48, joined her husband President Donald Trump, 72, when he met up with French President Emmanuel Macron, 40, and French First Lady Brigitte Macron, 65, at Elysee Palace in Paris on Nov. 10 and we couldn’t help but notice that the gorgeous first ladies wore similar outfits that included form-fitting mini skirts. Who looked better? Well, it’s tough to decide considering both women wore the look very well! Melania’s ensemble was black and consisted of coat and belted mini skirt along with matching black gloves. She wore an up-do for the outing and looked fashionably classy. Brigitte chose a blue ensemble with a long-sleeved top and matching mini skirt that was accompanied by gold-colored buttons. She kept her blonde hair down and looked equally as lovely for the meeting.

Melania and Donald’s meeting with the French government officials seemed to be a friendly one. Donald and Emmanuel talked about burden sharing between the U.S. and Europe. They are all in Paris for the Armistice Day celebration, which will take place on Nov. 11 at the Arc de Triomphe. Although the meeting was a serious one, Melania and Brigitte were all smiles throughout the time they were taking photos outside the palace, furthermore proving the exchanges were pleasant.

This wasn’t the first time Melania and Brigitte looked great while meeting with their husbands. Back in Apr. when Brigitte and Emmanuel visited the White House, the first ladies both wore flattering dresses that showed off their stunning figures again. The first day, Brigitte chose and off white jacket and dress while Melania opted for all black once again and on the second day, the two ladies matched things up when they both wore white dresses.

It’s hard to choose a favorite when these first ladies are on the scene. Let’s just say they both definitely know how to wear eye-catching choices while remaining sophisticated and we love it!

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