Megan Barton-Hanson opens up about the 'difficult' pressures facing her relationship with Wes, getting hitched and sex with Eyal

The 24-year-old star says life outside the Love Island villa puts more of a strain on couples than being on camera.

Last week, Georgia Steel and Sam Bird announced they had broken up, and Megan, who came fourth in the hit ITV show isn't surprised.

Speaking to Fabulous Online, Megan, said: “There’s so much pressure on all us couples. When you are in the villa there’s no stress. You are just there with the person you are seeing and it’s amazing.

“When you are out you are pulled in this direction and doing PAs [public appearances], you are doing this, you are doing that and it’s hard."

“I feel bad for them. It’s not a nice thing to go through especially when everyone is watching.”

But while Megan and Wes are feeling the strain more than ever, the former stripper insists their relationship continues to go from strength to strength.

The pair are moving from her Essex pad to live in London's Camden this week but Megan, who has just been named a PrettyLittleThing brand ambassador, admits that wedding bells are nowhere on the horizon.

She said: “I think we are just dealing with our work commitments at the moment, moving in, just one step at a time, and he’s only 20. Not in any rush.

“I feel like I can have a laugh with him. I feel like I can be myself and that’s such an important thing.

“I’ve been with guys in the past and I’ve been like ‘I can’t do that I have to be all prim and proper’ but with him I’m just a geek.”

Megan said she loves everything about living with Wes other than his “messiness”.

The stunning model shared: “It’s just nice having someone there to come home to. I was single for three years before it’s nice to have someone there to tell about your day together.”

She said that although their schedules are extremely busy, they still find small ways to keep the romance alive – and Wes has got very creative in the past.

Megan said: “There was one time he came back with flowers and wrote I love you in kitchen roll which was an interesting way to do it but I guess it’s the thought that counts.”

Meg and Wes were seen as key members of the 'Do Bits Society' in this year's show, while other couple in the villa, such as Jack and Dani, famously refrained from having sex.

But Megan's dad is not EastEnders' Danny Dyer and she said she wasn’t worried what her parents thought and was proud of her actions.

She admitted: “My parents are fine we are really open.

“They knew about my stripping past and stuff like that and I think my parents see it. If you aren’t hurting anyone, it’s a special moment between two people.

“I didn’t want to hide who I was and not do what I would have done in the outside world.

“I just wanted to make the best and have the most real experience I could.

“I think it is unfair that women just judged so harshly on it. I think the more women that speak up on it and say ‘we are exactly the same as men, we like sex too, there’s no shame in it’.”

She insists she has no regrets about hooking up on camera and revealed to that it would have been harder for her NOT have sex with the guys she was partnered with.

She said: “I did what I would have done in the outside world in the moment.

“I think when you are in that environment with someone and are spending 24 hours a day with them, if you fancy someone, you fancy them.

“It would have been harder for me to not do it than do it.”

Essex girl Megan, who previously modelled for Maxim, made a late entry to Love Island 2018, but ended up coming fourth place with boyfriend Wes, after first being partnered with co-star Eyal Booker.

And although she admitted on the show that Eyal wasn’t the right fit for her, she has no regrets with hooking up with both of the guys.

She said: “Me and Eyal got on and we fancied each other and it is what it is and with Wes I definitely don’t have any regrets.

“I think it’s 2018 and I don’t think women should be penalised for being sexual.  I was just true to myself.”

On World Mental Health Day, Megan bravely revealed she thought about suicide at her lowest point before entering Love Island.

Thankfully, coming out of the villa has helped Megan build up her self-confidence and truly come into her own, she revealed.

Speaking of how she is doing now, Megan said: “Going on Love Island really really helped.

“Not everyone who is struggling from anxiety or depression can just go on a reality show and it’ll fix you.

“I don’t think it fixed me. I was in a relatively good place anyway.

“It just clarified to me that I don’t need to go out and get drunk with my friends to be the funny one.

“Wes fell in love with me for me.”

While being confined to a villa – albeit a very luxury one with an infinity pool – could leave some people feeling trapped, Megan said it was like “therapy.”

She explained: “The first couple of days it was hard. It’s just different. Once I was there I was loving it.

“Especially when you find the person you connect with.

“It’s like a little honeymoon. You’re on holiday. You get cooked for. You get everything done for you.

“The only worry is what challenge will you have to do and how much of an idiot are you going to have to look like.

“For me whenever I was in a relationship with someone and it started to get a bit serious I’d run for the hills and think I can’t deal with it.

“But in there you are always in the beach hut talking about your feelings.

“It was like therapy for me. It was really really good.”

After appearing on ITV’s hit dating show, Megan gained 1.8million Instagram followers in under two months, turning her from reality TV star to an influencer.

She has now teamed up with PrettyLittleThing as a brand ambassador – and her first shoot is totally our type on paper.

Megan swapped the villa for the streets of LA in her debut showcase for the clothing company includes must-have items priced from just £10.

Speaking of the shoot, she said: “It was so exciting I couldn’t wait to do it. I was always looking at the PLT adverts like I always want to be on those LA streets strutting around like the models.

“So it was good for me to have my own photoshoot. I loved it.”

She said that choosing a brand to become an ambassador for wasn’t a decision she rushed into, but she felt PLT was a good fit for her.

Megan, whose favourite piece in her PLT edit is a “very Kourtney Kardashian” denim two-piece, explained: “I took my time deciding what I wanted to do and what brand I wanted to get involved with. PLT is always one that stuck out to me.

“I love the fact they are affordable, on trend and I love the fact they cater to all body shapes.”

She recently revealed she thought about suicide at lowest point before Love Island.

Megan made waves in a sensational little black dress as she celebrated at PLT's star-studded party with Ashley Graham in California.

We shared how there’s something very strange about Megan Barton Hanson’s first PrettyLittleThing shoot.

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