Lose weight AND have the best sex of your life on the clean eating diet

And what you eat may determine how good you are in bed – or so one expert claims.

Nutritionist Lisa Davis says that eating fast food and sugary snacks can affect how good you are between the sheets.

"I strongly believe in food as medicine," she tells the New York Post.

Lisa says that although there have been loads written about the link between chronic illnesses and food, there wasn't much on how what you eat can affect how good you are at sex.

So she wrote "Clean Eating, Dirty Sex", looking into how foods affect hormones and blood flow.

She says that sugar interferes with your blood flow by causing inflammation in your capillaries.

That swelling, she writes, reduces "blood flow to sexual organs, impacting libido and performance in bed".

While a balanced diet is just one aspect of a good sex life, there are certain foods you might want to consider cutting out to improve your performance:

1. Wine

Wine might make you feel a bit more relaxed and up for it in the bedroom but we all know that too much booze can dampen the action.

It can make you dehydrated, and that can lead to uncomfortable sex for women.

And it can have an equally poor effect on men.

Lisa says that "alcohol reduces testosterone levels in men which can lower libido"…although that's probably more of an issue if you're often drinking heavily.

If you're both plastered, the chances are that you won't get a happy ending.

"If you're super drunk, it's hard to have an orgasm," Lisa says.

2. Pasta

Carbs are good for us, there's no doubt about it. They not only provide us with energy to function but also contain fibre which is crucial for heart health and good digestive health.

But heavily refined white flour can raise your blood sugar and insulin levels.

That then leads to energy spikes and crashes, and Lisa claims it can also disrupt our hormonal balance by "triggering your ovaries to overproduce" certain sex hormones.

That can lead to painful complications like ovarian cysts.

Manhattan-based gastroenterologist Dr Edward Goldberg told the New York Post that carb-loading can have "far-reaching effects", setting the body up for chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity which can "have a negative effect on blood flow and sex function".

If you're planning to get jiggy tonight, you might want to lay off the massive plate of spag bol.

"Feeling really full is going to make you not feel sexy," he said.

3. Fast food

Fried foods aren't great for your heart. But it's not just your heart that hates trans-fat-rich food.

These artery-clogging fats, Lisa writes, also inhibit the body’s production of nitric oxide, which helps control blood flow to our extremities — and “if you don’t have enough of that nitric oxide, you’re going to have a problem with erectile dysfunction.”

Not being able to get it up won't be your only issue either.

Eating a tonne of fried foods on the regular can lead to heart disease and atherosclerosis — a plaque buildup in the arteries.

That then leads to blood vessel damage and increases your risk of heart disease and stroke…which could come on before you even start to notice that something's gone haywire down below.

4. Chocolate cake

Chocolate might be an aphrodisiac but Lisa warns that the ultra-processed, sugary milk chocolate that most baked goods are made with aren't.

"Sugar is the worst," she says.

Chocolate is fine in small doses and if you can try to stick to having dark chocolate, that's even better.

Bars that contain over 70 per cent cocoa contain "phenylethylamine, a chemical that boosts endorphins, [or] feel-good hormones".

They're also really rich in minerals like magnesium and antioxidants – so it can genuinely be good for your body, as well as making you feel good.

It's the ultra-processed stuff that's not so great.

Mind you, Lisa concludes that if you really like chocolate cake and that puts you in a good mood, then "I don't see any problem with that".

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