‘Lonely’ Prince Harry is ‘deeply missing Meghan and her support’ as he fiddles with wedding ring at Rugby League event

PRINCE Harry today took part in what could potentially be his last engagement after quitting the royal family before he joins Meghan Markle in Vancouver.

And it seems that the “lonely” Duke of Sussex is eager to be reunited with his wife sooner rather than later, as he was spotted fiddling with his wedding ring at the Rugby World Cup event.

Body language expert Judi James says that the gesture is symbolic of just how much he misses Meghan.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital Judi said: “Harry's appearance today looked full of energy and bravado, with a glimpse of the old grin and jaunty walk.

“His hand gestures revealed some much more complex emotions though, ranging from hints of anxiety to feelings of loneliness and a need for support.

“His trait of holding his wedding ring would suggest how much he's missing Meghan and her support and endorsement.”

However, Judi says that it is more than just a “romantic gesture.”

She added: “It's quite a complex gesture though, rather than just a romantic one. When people are in work mode like Harry is here, the wedding ring often becomes a subliminal symbol of family, home and even friends.

“It's a self-comfort gesture that can relax us and take the pressure off by reminding us of the support of people who love us.”

Judi also noticed that Harry was relying on his “signature move” of holding his jacket shut during his engagement today.

She added: “His recent signature move of clasping his jacket together did look less dominant but he still keeps his hand clasped in front of his torso now and again in a barrier gesture, hinting at moments of insecurity.”

The Duke of Sussex laughed as he dodged questions over his future amid the Megxit storm as he appeared at the Rugby League World Cup draw today.

Harry has delayed a reunion with Meghan and baby Archie in Canada and will be staying in the UK until next week to sort the couple's royal exit fallout.

The engagement today could potentially be his final public duty as a senior royal as it is not clear what his meetings next week are.

Harry – patron of the Rugby Football League – is meeting representatives of the 21 nations taking part while watching local kids playing rugby in the palace gardens.

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