Kate’s ‘sneaky’ clue she’ll honour Princess Margaret at the Coronation

A fashion stylist has made an educated guess on what Princess Kate will be wearing to King Charles’ Coronation based on a recent clue she has dropped.

Miranda Holder is a celebrity stylist who has worked with pop stars such as Boy George and actresses such as Vanessa Williams.

She has become popular on TikTok for explaining the meaning and details behind royal fashion.

In a recent video, Miranda explained that Kate has revealed “a little sneaky clue” about what she will be wearing to the Coronation.

Miranda believes she may now know what the “beautiful Kate Middleton” will be wearing based on this information.

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Kate recently appeared on This Morning and spoke with television host Alison Hammond, who has shared the details “all over her Instagram”.

Miranda explained: “Kate Middleton answered Alison’s question when she asked the Princess if she was wearing blue, by saying she would be wearing a ‘hint of blue.’”

She added: “Now it’s well known that blue is probably officially the Royal Family’s favourite colour, especially the women.”

Kate and the rest of the Royal Family recently wore blue coordinated outsides while attending an Easter church service, and Queen Elizabeth was known to wear bright colours in order to be spotted easily in large crowds.

Miranda said: “Blue is the colour the Queen wore most frequently. Camilla also loves the shade, and Kate also loves this colour and looks fabulous in it.”

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Miranda claimed, therefore, that Kate’s dress will likely be similar to the one Princess Margaret wore to Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953.

She said: “Traditionally, royal ladies would be wearing court dresses to the coronation. Those are white dresses, usually embroidered with silver and gold thread and other embellishments.”

Miranda added that although it is known that King Charles “has dispended with many traditions” for the Coronation, she bets “he’ll be keeping a few.”

She said: “Based on this new information, and it is a clue, my bet is that Kate is going to be wearing a court dress…but with silver, gold and blue embellishments.”

Miranda believes Kate will wear a gown “not dissimilar” to the one she wore to the South African state banquet at Buckingham Palace last November.

Kate wore a sparkling white Jenny Packham gown which feature cape-like sleeves and silver floral embellishments.

However, Miranda said she believes Kate will “probably be careful” in order to “not outshine the King” with whatever she chooses to wear to the Coronation.

Miranda finished her video by saying that no matter what, “I’m really hoping we’re going to see a little bit of that pomp and ceremony, and fabulous royal fashion on the big day.”

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