Kate is partial to a brooch – inside Princess’ gorgeous collection

Kate Middleton stepped out in Wales last week donning a beautiful diamond leek brooch in honour of St David’s Day. The Princess of Wales has quite a glamorous brooch collection.

There are several hidden connotations to be found in the Princess’s jewellery selections, some much more subtly than others.

These range from wearing an Enigma brooch when attending Bletchley Park to borrowing Queen Elizabeth’s Maple Leaf brooch when visiting Canada.

Kate has worn a wide range of pins and badges throughout her tenure as a royal, but she particularly enjoys using brooches to honour the visiting country on a royal tour.

The Princess was seen wearing a leek badge, the official emblem and vegetable frequently connected to Wales, during her trip there in 2023.

But there are quite a few other brooches that Kate has worn during her time as a member of the Royal Family.

In Jamaica in 2022, Kate wore a lovely hummingbird brooch that the late Queen had lent her for the trip. The brooch itself has special meaning for Jamaica and had never been displayed in public.

In honour of the late Queen’s Golden Jubilee back in 2002, the people of Jamaica gave it to her as a gift.

It features a total of 10 beautiful diamonds. Rubies make up the petals of the flower in its beak, and the flower’s centre is a sparkling diamond.

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While the remainder of the brooch is made in platinum, the flower is set in 18-carat gold.

Later that year after the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the Princess of Wales made her way from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall for a service during the official mourning period.

Wearing an entirely black outfit, she accessorised with the late monarch’s Diamond and Pearl Leaf brooch.

Leading diamond expert, Maxwell Stone told Express.co.uk: “Having worn the sparkling brooch for the first time to a concert in South Korea on her birthday in 1999, the Queen loaned it to Kate, who has worn it several times since.

“Not only is it an incredibly sentimental choice for this reason, but it’s also an appropriate one as white jewels such as pearl and diamond pieces are often worn for mourning – a tradition that dates back to Queen Victoria.

“The brooch features a trio of pearls placed in the centre of a pave-set leaf and is quite a substantial piece. I’d estimate its value to be approximately £60,000.”

Kate additionally wore the Duchess of Cambridge brooch in a royal portrait with Prince William in 2022, just before she became the Princess of Wales.

Maxwell added: “Not only is the late Queen’s Duchess of Cambridge brooch one of the most valuable brooches in her collection, but it’s also one of the most historic as it originally belonged to Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, the wife of Prince Adolphus, who was the Duke of Cambridge in the 1800s.

“There’s a lot of sentimentality surrounding the brooch as Queen Mary wore it to her granddaughter’s (Princess Elizabeth) christening.

“The late Queen wore it in portraits released to mark her 50th birthday, as well as at the funeral of Lord Mountbatten in 1979.

“The gorgeous brooch features a large central pearl, surrounded by a ring of diamonds.

“Hanging from the cluster is another pearl which is connected by a string of even more diamonds. I’d estimate its value to be £80,000.”

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