Jeonghan’s Halloween Costume: K-Pop Star Is A Scary Zombie & Fans Are Super Creeped Out

Time to go home, everyone! Yoon Jeonghan already won Halloween with his scary good zombie costume, and we’re shook over how creepy it is! See Jeonghan’s amazing costume, and Seventeen fans’ reactions here!

Bow down to Yoon Jeonghan! The Seventeen member had one of the best costumes this Halloween, and that’s saying something, considering his fellow K-Pop stars slayed in their costumes, too. Loyal Seventeen fans flocked to Twitter to gush over Jeonghan’s spooky costume and makeup. While he was just wearing his normal clothes, his makeup was on point. He applied some realistic blood around his mouth, and had gruesome “wounds” and “cuts” all over his face. We’ve got chills!

Fans were all about his getup, because, let’s face it — he’s still hella hot even when dressed up as the living dead. They were freaking out on Twitter about his Halloween vibes, just like we are! “jeonghan as zombie? eat me babyyy,” @wonubee_ tweeted. Same, girl. “The only zombie that can eat me with my full consent is this zombie,” @svtplusbts wrote. Ditto! And
@andybidibidis_ tweeted, “Yoon Jeonghan tricking me into thinking I have necrophilia coz he’s one attractive zombie. 😍”. SO funny!!

Some fans really had good points about Jeonghan’s costume. So… why was he carrying a plastic bag full of snacks like he just hit up a bodega after joining the cast of The Walking Dead? He’s supposed to be snacking on brains, not chips! One fan, @hannietea_, pointed out that Jeonghan’s red tracksuit was reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s iconic red leather suit from the “Thriller” music video. Now that’s how you do a Halloween costume on a budget!

Another fan, @xiuminghaoo, mused that Jeonghan could have been joking and dressing up as a zombie Jihoon! His bandmate has worn a red tracksuit similar to his before! Btw, Jihoon’s costume was pretty amazing, too. He went as a Teletubbie! You can see that HERE!

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