Jacqueline Wilson reveals Tracy Beaker is now a single mum living on a council estate in new book

Now the author's much-loved character Tracy Beaker is back, in new novel My Mum Tracy Beaker.

As Tracy Beaker fans will know, the original story followed a young girl who lived in a care home she referred to as "The Dumping Ground".

The new book depicts her as a single mother, with Jacqueline, 72, explaining to OK!: "The story is meant to be told by [Tracy's] daughter Jess, who's 10, the age Tracy was when I started writing about her."

Despite the book revolving around Jess, we still get to catch up with some of Tracy's old friends – and enemies.

Jacqueline continues: "Although this story is about Jess, I have had fun introducing characters from Tracy's past, like boyfriends or her worst enemy Justine Littlewood."

My Mum Tracy Beaker swaps "The Dumping Ground" for a London housing estate, chronicling Tracy's struggles as she raises her daughter alone.

Jacqueline has previously explained why she chose to write a sequel, telling The Observer: "When I realised just how long ago it was since I wrote the first Tracy Beaker book, I thought: 'If we were in real time, Tracy herself would be in her 30s.'

"And I've always thought that, even though Tracy had lots of problems in her life and a pretty rubbish mum who was never there for her, Tracy herself would be a good mum, no matter what."

The book is out now – we know what we're asking for this Christmas.

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