I’ve stopped bleaching my hair & getting lip filler & now love how I look…I’ve had so many procedures that went wrong | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan who forked out thousands on facial procedures that went wrong has revealed how she's finally embraced her natural look.

The red-haired woman explained how she'd tried lots of different cosmetic procedures over the years, with some being far more successful than others.

"All of the things I've tried/done to my face rated," she says.

First up, the beauty fan smiles and shows off the composite veneers she had on her top teeth.

"10/10 they made me confident in my smile after trying braces, Invisalign and whitening," she enthuses.

Showing a before and after photo, she adds: "I mean it speaks for itself."


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But things quickly start to deteriorate when the beauty guru, known only as @ginjerkid on TikTok, discusses the hair extensions she had done in Toronto.

Rating them a measly 0/10, she says: "The hairdresser tried to fix my colour after dying it purple and I basically lost all my hair. £800 later…"

She then moves onto the vampire facial which she ranks at 4/10.

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"Very little results for too much downtime," she explains.

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"I'd opt for Frazel instead."

And the beauty guru was also unimpressed with Juvederm lip and under eye filler.

"Put me in the hospital with horrible reactions – allergens did not respond or help me," she claims.

She then goes onto discuss the breast implants, which she also gives 4/10.

"I wish I never got them," she explains.

"I do think they're making me sick but they do be looking good sometimes."

Not stopping there, the social media user also rates the IPL she had on her arms.

Scoring it just 0/10, she claims the aesthetician burnt her arms, leaving her with no pigment in the burnt areas.

Finally, she says: "Rhinoplasty 10/10 Dr Asaria of Toronto is the real MVP – healing takes 1 year."

The beauty fan concludes: "Dissolving my old filler, stopping bleaching my ginger hair, going to the gym, getting on Tretinoin, stopping all the face tans and learning to love myself – 10/10."

She captioned the post: "if you really want something done do your own research and weigh the pros and cons.

"Or at least wait till your brain is fully developed before getting that Kylie Jenner 5 syringe package."

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 375k views and several comments from social media users.

"With you being ginger, she most likely had no idea what setting to put the laser on. I'm so sorry that happened to you. It's so painful," wrote one.

A second penned: "Good for you girl but wow I never realised how many faces I was looking at that have had work done.

"Love that you're honest about it."

A third commented: "Girl you need a lawyer at this point."

The beauty fan responded: "I am the epitome of adverse effects and complications."

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Another enthused: "I ADORE your ginger hair."

And one more added: "YESS I love the realness babe. So f***ing beautiful."

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