I’ve made £40k selling sexy snaps of my baby bump so I’ll splash £15k on gender reveal party, says NHS nose job blagger

A PREGNANT mum-of-three has revealed she's splashing out on a £15,000 gender reveal party, after making £40,000 selling sexy snaps of her bump.

Carla Bellucci, 39, from Hitchin, Herts, hit headlines when she blagged a free NHS nose job by faking depression – and is now planning to livestream her birth for £10,000.

But the cash won't be banked for long, with six-month pregnant Carla planning a luxury gender reveal party with £4,000 worth of food.

The mum is splashing out on two private chefs, two mixologists/bartenders, candy carts, Champagne walls, a photographer, videographer and a fancy gazebo.

Carla, who's having a baby with her 51-year-old boyfriend, told Daily Star: "There will be an £800 four-tier cake, a DJ to play throughout the day and also a dome just in case of the weather…

“We are currently trying to book a plane to come over with a sign to reveal the gender on the day too.

“There is no budget – or no expenses spared – we are using the OnlyFans money. I made £1,400 a DAY in the past few weeks.”

Carla – who's already mum to Tanisha, 15, and Jayden, 13, and a 19-year-old son – claimed there’s a “massive fan base” for mums on the paid for subscription site.

She said: “I made over £3,000 the day it came out about my pregnancy. Men want to see my bump and they are excited about me growing.

“I have had requests for my breastmilk, which I find totally random and didn’t even know was a thing. Shocking.”

Carla, a model and influencer, said she's been criticised for cashing in on her pregnancy but doesn't let that faze her.

She said: “I know people are going to go crazy but I’m a businesswoman and I need to make money… I am my business."

Carla previously told Fabulous she won't reveal her baby for less than £15,000 as she wants a mag deal.

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