I’ve lived with no heating during winter – here’s nine things to know, including why I also had a stash of cough sweets | The Sun

A WOMAN who has lived without no heating during winter has shared the nine things everyone should know.

Carolyn Anderson, took to TikTok and posted a video explaining that she's "sick" of hearing people who have never gone without heating in winter, telling people how they're going to cope with it this winter amid the cost-of-living crisis.

In the clip, she begins: "Here, from a person who has actually done it, are eight things you need to consider.

First up is condensation.

"This is going to be particularly true in the rooms that you sleep in," says Carolyn. "You're going to get condensation on your windows and perhaps other places.

"You need to clean this off every morning or every time you see it, or find a way to deal with it because having that condensation can not only make the room colder, but it can also cause damp which gives you other problems."


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Carolyn's second suggestion is to consider skincare.

"Your skin being in a very cold, damp environment all the time has a different affect so your skin can get sore, ruddy and cracked so you need to find a good way to deal with that for your skin type."

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Next up on Carolyn's list is the topic of headaches.

Describing how she often gets them directly across her forehead, she advises: "Remember to keep this bit of your head warm either with a scarf or hat."

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Carolyn also highlights the importance of keeping your chest and throat warm.

"You're going to be breathing in cold, damp air all the time that's not good for your chest or throat.

"Keep them warm, try to maybe eat cough sweets and stuff because they're warming – and lots of hot drinks."

Carolyn's fifth thing to consider is drying and washing clothes.

"Where do you normally dry your clothes?" she asks. "Are you thinking you'll just put them in the tumble dryer?

"Maybe cross that out and see if you could run a wee heater instead of drying everything in a tumble dryer.

"You're not going to have the option of putting them on the radiator so at least if you've got one room being heated with some sort of heater you can have an airer in that room with your clothes."

Carolyn says related to this is the issue with towels.

"'It's the worst thing about not having central heating in the depths of winter – your towel will not dry between shower…find a way to dry that towel," she urges. "It'll make your life just so much less miserable."

Carlyn goes on to discuss spreads.

"If you eat things that spread – Nutella, peanut butter or anything like that – you need to think about keeping them in a warm place because if you keep them in your cupboards, they're going to solidify."

The TikTok user goes on to say that bedding is similar to the condensation and towel issue.

"Your bedding is going to get damp at night because you're sweating and breathing in there," she warns. "You need to air that out – you don't want that to stay damp."

And finally, Carolyn advises against using your good mugs.

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