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WHEN doing our makeup we always want to make sure we are getting the best out of our products. 

Thankfully, beauty fans across the world are sharing their tips and tricks which you may have never known if it wasn’t for social media. 

Doe Vs Siren lips are now trending where beauty fans are trialling the opposing styles on their pout.

TikToker @Ash shared her video of the trend which has raked in a staggering 12.7 Million views and 1.7 million likes.

@Helindoski also shared her take of the lip trend just six days ago in her video that’s going viral with 1.5 million views, with commenters begging for tutorials. 

Makeup Revolution reports that with the trend going viral on TikTok, Google searches for ‘siren lips’ have skyrocketed by 121 per cent over the past two weeks.


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There’s also been a 53 per cent increase in searches for ‘doe lips’.

For those wanting to trial the looks, beauty experts from Revolution break down how to do the doe Vs siren lip. 

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A makeup pro says: “Similar to doe eyes, doe lips concentrate on creating a softer, more innocent look by really defining the cupid’s bow to create a plump pout.

“Take a lip liner and subtly overline the cupid’s bow whilst rounding off its high points.

"With the same liner, slightly overline the centre of the bottom lip. 

“You only want to apply the lip liner in these centre points of the upper and lower lips to create the plump ‘doe’ look.

"Leave the outer edges and corners of your lips liner free.

“With your finger, lightly blend the liner in towards the centre of your lips to soften the look.

"Then, take a complementary liquid lipstick and apply on top followed by a clear gloss to create that soft, juicy plump finish.”

Siren lips on the other hand are sharp and focus on actuating the outer corners of the lips to create a more seductive, feline pout. 

Take a lip liner and begin by really exaggerating the cupid’s bow and slightly overlining it.

Whilst doe lips soften the bow, siren lips enhance the sharpness of it. 

Take the liner all the way to the corners of the mouth. 

Revolution experts adds: “Line the whole of the bottom lip without overlining it and then colour the lip with the liner shade.

'Juicy plump finish'

“Next, draw a little flick curving upwards from both corners of the mouth to give that ‘siren’ smile. 

“To make the corners look extra dark, you can add the liner in the creases of your outer lips.

“Finish off with a liquid lipstick concentrated on the centre of the lip and voila!

“This is such a fun trend that can be played around with. 

“Experiment with doing an entire ‘siren’ makeup look with sharp eyes and accentuated lips, or why not blend the two and experiment with siren eyes and doe lips?”

They have also recommended makeup essentials to try Doe & Siren Lips under £7.

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With a highly pigmented, matte liquid lipstick and matching lip liner, Makeup Revolution’s new Lip Contour Kits in shades Divine and Stiletto are the perfect duo to let you create that dramatic siren smile.

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