I've got such big boobs it's all people see – they give me endless problems & don’t get me started on the ugly underwear

BIG, small, perky or droopy, breasts come in all different shapes and sizes.

And while women with smaller boobs tend to struggle with gaping bras and loose material, those with a larger chest have problems of there own.

From pulling shirt buttons to unwanted attention, the struggles are endless – as one woman, who is from the US, pointed out.

Qunisha, who goes by the acronym @qu_nisha, took to TikTok and shared one video, which has since received over 121,000 views, and penned: "When all they see is yo boobs."

In the short clip, she can be seen reenacting a scenario where she's meeting someone for the first time.

As she knocks on the door, a guy answers and says: "Come on in, you must be t***ies, sorry, t***ies, sorry, STOP!"


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In a second video, Quinsha goes on to discuss other problems she experiences with having big breasts.

"Everyone wants big boobs until…" she begins.

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"Can't find yo' bra size, ugly bra colours and no matching panties."

She also goes on to note that she can't sleep on her stomach and adds: "Ooh don't forget that back pain!"

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And it wasn't long before the comments section was flooded with comments.

"Not saying it’s right I’m just saying I understand," joked one.

A second quipped: "Well can you blame him."

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A third wrote: "lol I go through this everyday that's the first thing everybody see. I be like my eyes are up here."

In response, Qunisha commented: "Aww thank y’all for the compliments, but keep that negative energy away."

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