I’ve got permanent wrinkles so bad people call me the 'Poster child for Botox' but I don’t care, I love how I look

ONE woman has taken to TikTok to open up on the horrific comments that people have made about her face and it’s safe to say, people can be really cruel.

36-year-old Kim Hoeltje has permanent wrinkles on her forehead and receives thousands of comments from trolls on TikTok saying that she should get Botox.

One even said that she is the 'poster child for getting Botox'.

But Kim tries to not let the comments get her down, and instead she creates videos on TikTok responding to people’s nasty comments about her wrinkles – exposing the cruel trolls and reinforcing that she isn’t bothered by her wrinkles.

Some of the comments that people have made about Kim’s wrinkles are shocking and extremely rude.

One person commented: “Please God get Botox.”

Another said: “Wait those wrinkles are always there? Girl, you’re the poster child for Botox.”

A third added: “You look like you put your face on a panini press.”

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But Kim's videos responding to trolls has enabled her to rack up a whopping 1.3million likes on TikTok and 32.7k followers.

There were many people that were shocked at the comments that Kate has received and were quick to share this.

One person said: “Can we normalise just not telling people what to do to their bodies?”

Another added: “I can’t believe ADULTS say such rude things !!!! You're beautiful.”

A third commented: “Never get Botox. I have the same. Let’s show the younger generations it’s okay to age. You’re beautiful.”

In one of Kate’s many videos, she said ‘Why do I keep talking about my face?’.

She then said: “Let’s normalise being normal” and shared a comment from a TikTok user that read: “Actually I just watched a few of your videos and YOU made me feel ok to NOT get Botox. I’m 31 and have a friend who keeps convincing me.”

Kim finds it baffling that people care so much about her appearance and said: “I had no idea my face would be such a topic of conversation.”

“Yes! I talk with expression! So I have lines.

“No big deal.”


Kim wants to encourage people to normalise being normal and to get people to embrace their wrinkles.

When asked why she doesn’t get Botox, she said: “Lots of things I would rather spend my money on!

“Age is just a number, 30 or 60… don’t really care how old I look.

“If we looked and aged the same…how boring would that be?!”

Meanwhile, I look way younger but never get Botox, I can fake it in seconds using ICE cubes.

Also, you’ve been washing your face wrong and this is why you NEED to wash your eyebrows.

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