I’ve got 10 kids & they all have names starting with S – people can’t believe some of them, they say we’re out of ideas

A MUM-of-10 has named all of her kids with monikers starting with S, but some of the names are so out there that people have accused her of running out of ideas.

Janel took to TikTok to share a video of her huge family, doing a round up of her kids and their names and ages.

Skyler, 28, kicked things off, before Sam, 22, and 19-year-old Spencer were introduced.

Sydney, 17, was next, followed by Storm, 13, Stella, 11, and nine-year-old Steele.

Scout, seven, Scarlett, five and Stone – who was born on 5 January this year – rounding out the pack.

The more unusual names divided opinion among TikTok viewers, however.

"Y’all really started running out of S names," one person wrote.

"Sage, Sarge, Surge, Sugar, Sensation, Salute, Smiley, or if you want to get fancy..Sagittarius or Sassafras," someone else joked.

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But it was Stone's name which caused the most controversy.

"Yo got a baby and decided STONE was a good name," one person commented.

"I have a cousin Rock.. he’s 60 now.. we always called him Pebbles to annoy him!!" someone else joked.

"You’re a joke, you’re naming your human child after a rock?" another person wrote.A mineral- wtf is wrong with people these days

"Stone its good in a lot of ways and bad in some," another comment read.

Others were more complimentary about the moniker, with one writing: "So adorable & quite a unique first name."

"I am sooooo happy you chose Stone! I loved it from the minute you said it," somebody else added.

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