I’ve gone viral for being the ‘council estate’ Cara Delevigne… I don’t care, I embrace it | The Sun

WE ALL dream of waking up and looking like a supermodel, although we know it isn't possible.

But for one woman, it is, and she has gone viral on TikTok for looking like Cara Delevigne.

Reilly Harrison, or as she's better known as @oh_oh_oh_oreillyyy on TikTok regularly shares videos of herself on the app.

And in every single one, she has been compared to the 30-year-old British supermodel.

The blonde beauty has the same nose, bushy eyebrows and striking blue eyes and has even caught the attention of the model herself.

Cara Delevinge found one of her videos and dueted it on the app, and was clearly stunned by her doppelganger.


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But some cruel trolls have compared the US-based woman to a 'council estate version' of the model.

In one video, Reilly posed in front of the camera miming song lyrics.

The lyrics were: "You say that I'm really f***ing boring, that's rich coming from you."

One troll remarked: "Council estate Cara Delevingne."

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Another joked: "Dara Celevinge?"

Responding to the mean comment in a separate video, the young woman hinted she didn't care what bullies had to say.

She mimed: "One thing I like about me is I'm nothing like you and never will be."

And many people took to the comments to support Reilly.

One wrote: "Is that supposed to be an insult? Cara is stunning. Any version will be stunning."

"Why are people hating on you for looking like someone? What? Ha," penned another.

Despite most of us being thrilled to be mistaken for a supermodel, Reilly revealed it wasn't all it's cracked up to be thanks to the trolls.

She wrote in one video: "When I post a TikTok and get dozens of comments calling me the Dollar General Cara Delevingne."

"So if I'm honest, I'm beginning to question how much I want this," she mimed.

Others suggested she looked like a mix between the model and the American singer Billie Eilish.

One wrote: "If Cara Delevingne & Billie Eilish had a baby."

"If Billie Eilish and Cara had a baby it would look like you," added a second person.

Meanwhile, many were stunned that she in fact wasn't Cara Delevingne herself.

"Their mouth does the thing!! The nose!! The eyes!! The cheek bones omg how Is she not related to Cara," commented one person.

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Another wrote: "Not even a doop at this point. You are her."

"I literally thought this was Cara Delevigne," added a third.

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