I’ve figured out how to get four free meals out every week, and I even get PAID for it – I’m a genius | The Sun

A WOMAN has labelled herself a "genius" after figuring out a way to eat out four times a week and even get paid for it.

Macey took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself tucking into what looked like a plate of nachos.

And she wrote over the top: "Me working at Wetherspoons purely on the fact that I get a free meal every shift.

"So I can eat out 3/4 times a week and not have to spend money.

"I’m a genius."

"Food's always nicer when it’s free," she added in the video caption.

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People in the comments section quickly shared their own hacks to get freebies through their jobs.

"Me working at Nando’s," one wrote.

"Started doing a Saturday half day at sainsbury so I get discount on my weekly shop," another added.

"pure winning at life," a third commented.

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With Macey replying: "I'm so smart."

"weekly pay too, living the dream," someone else wrote.

"Genius!" another commented.

"me bc i work full time at taco bell," someone else said.

As another wrote: "I've gone through the whole menu."

"I work at spoons and I fully get this," someone else added.

"Spending money on tea? Nah just eat the free meal with a large Pepsi."

"You’ve cracked the code," another praised.

But others weren't quite as impressed with her "hack".

"I wouldn’t eat there for free. Ever. Aim higher," one wrote.

"Eating at wetherspoons is worse than eating at home," another added.

"If u can't make better food than they make at spoons I feel bad for u."

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"A plate of beige," a third commented.

"but the food is just not nice," someone else argued.

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