Inside the Billionaire Babies’ Christmas, including Santa arriving in a helicopter, £100k diamonds and a £23k colouring book

But for some lucky youngsters money is no object and their Christmas trees will be trimmed with bling worth thousands.

In Billionaire Babies At Christmas, which airs on Channel 5 on Christmas Eve, super-rich kids are showered with gifts including a £40,000 ring and a £100,000 pendant containing a rare blue diamond – for a tot under TWO.

There’s even a bespoke colouring book worth a staggering £23,000 – and Swarovski crystal-covered gift wrap which costs £30,000 alone.

The show follows several families with bulging bank balances as they spoil their kids rotten.

Hegira, who lives in London’s Mayfair, is seen shopping for the perfect gift for three-year-old Halai.

She settles on a custom-made ring featuring a rare conch pearl in pink – her daughter’s favourite colour –  set in 18 carat rose gold, with white enamelling and surrounded by 5 carat diamonds.

The wealthy mum doesn’t bat an eyelid at the price tag of £40,000.

She said: “Halai deserves the best. She’s my only daughter. I want to give her something unique and valuable that she will cherish.

“I want something really special for Halai. It’s going to be chic and sparkly to match her personality.

“I think Halai is going to have the biggest smile on her face. As will I.”

The three-year-old has the gift delivered by a model dressed as a fairy and is delighted with her sparkly gift – refusing to share with her doting mum.

Another pampered toddler is 20-month-old Valentina whose mum Laura spared no expense to give her a VERY special Christmas.

She hired party planner Rhea Elliot-Jones to create a “winter wonderland” in a marquee for a magical afternoon with three-tier cakes topped with sparklers, balloons and troupe of ballerinas – at a cost of £15,000.

But the icing on the cake was the toddler’s present – a rare blue diamond pendant worth £100,000.

Marcel Knobill , luxury brand consultant, reveals affluent parents are giving in to ever more outrageous demands from their kids.

He said: “The children of the wealthy have become extremely demanding and very discerning. They know what’s out there and what’s off the shelf often isn’t enough.

“I am asked to find all sorts of things – from a £4,000 toy car to handbags worth thousands.”

Marcel reveals a bespoke snow globe – which features figures modelled on the family, along with their dog and 10 diamonds hidden in the snow – which retails at £3,270.

But his latest ask is a bespoke colouring book, illustrated by the child’s favourite illustrators and depicting scenes from their own lives with 24 carat gold lettering on the leather cover.

He said: “We feel it justifies a price tag of £23,900.”

He also unveils the UK’s most expensive Christmas tree decoration – a 20cm, sterling silver star studded with 280 diamonds.

The centre piece is an incredible 5 carat white diamond which can be taken out and worn as a necklace – and the whole thing costs £615,000.

Football CEO Carolyn Radford has a special treat in store for her three boys – Hugo, five, and four-year-old twins Albert and Rupert.

Rather than struggle to put up the decorations in her ten-bedroom mansion in Nottinghamshire, she hires specialist firm Christmas Inc to do the honours – at a cost of £60,000.

A team of decorators transform the spacious home into a festive grotto using 45 metres of garland, 240 m of ribbon and 1000 baubles on the tree.

Two eight-foot toy soldiers stand sentry outside the house and the whole place is lit up with 50,000 led lights.

The Mansfield Town boss says decorating her home is too tricky with three young boys but she is delighted with the result.

She said: “The boys are into Christmas now.  They’re really excited. It’s good that the decorations are up so we can relax and get into the festive spirit.”

Excitement levels hit fever pitch when Carolyn pulls off her biggest surprise – flying Father Christmas in on a helicopter.

The three boys watch in awe as Santa lands on the front lawn and disembarks with his elves – and arms full of presents.

Mum-of-three Nina Naudstal marks Christmas by commissioning a £20,000 painting of herself, her three children – Noah, seven, Alexa, eight and Leah, 11 – along with their six dogs and two rabbits.

The designer also splashes out a “five figure sum” staging a seasonal panto in her living room, as well as hiring a make-up artist to doll up the kids and laying on a feast which includes pots of £500 caviar.

She said: “Christmas is the time of the year to really spoil each other and make those memories.”

She added: “Why go out to a pantomime when I can get them to come to me?”

Billionaire Babies at Christmas airs on Christmas Eve, at 6.35pm, on Channel 5.

It's not just rich families who splash out too much at Christmas.

One mum admits to spending £1,700 on her kids and says she refuses to feel guilty about treating them.

And another finished Christmas shopping for her children in March and has bought them almost 70 gifts.

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