Inside Chloe Khan's epic transformation, from X Factor reject to Playboy model, OnlyFans star & millionaire jet-setter

SHE left Simon Cowell gobsmacked when she strolled out covered head-to-toe in fake tan on the X Factor in 2010, only to announce her main hobby was "lots of partying".

But Chloe Khan has pulled off one of the most incredible rags-to-riches transformations in the show's history ever since – and now looks completely unrecognisable.

The 28-year-old shocked fans as she posed in a white lace lingerie set ahead of Valentine's Day this week – just the latest sign of her epic image overhaul.

Gone are the heavy fake eyelashes and sassy comebacks, as she's built up a millionaire jet-setting lifestyle ever since – which now sees her flashing endless designer goods, pricey cars and exotic getaways on social media.

The 28-year-old has enjoyed stints in the US – where she even dated the boss of Spearmint Rhino – before modelling for Playboy, enjoying a fling with Stephen Bear in CBB, and now spending months on end in sunny locations.

Here we look at her transformation from the start…

Tearaway teen to X Factor dream

Before searching for stardom, Chloe had grown up in Wakefield, Yorkshire, with a colourful past.

By the time she appeared on The X Factor in 2010, there were allegations she had been arrested on numerous occasions – something she denied.

She was also a teen mum, after having daughter, Destiny, around the age of 18.

Despite getting through to the bootcamp stage on the X Factor, she was kicked off after allegedly turning up "smelling like vodka".

It didn't end there, as she was caught up in drugs accusations too.

Appearing on This Morning shortly after, Holly and Phillip quizzed her about the claims – as well as allegations she'd been making money from sex.

Chloe, who used the surname Mafia at the time, denied the sex rumours and explained: "What I do is called Pay To Party, where you get paid to go out with a group of people, sometimes you are on your own but mostly you are with a group of other girls.

"You do dancing, you do different things. You do not sleep with anyone for money."

She also admitted regrets over taking cocaine, calling the decision "stupid".

Before her stint on the singing contest, she'd also appeared on makeover show Snog, Marry, Avoid – but ditched the make-under and soon took up her fake tanning habits again.

Webcam work and £50K makeover post-X Factor

Chloe spent some time out of the limelight following her X Factor journey, but emerged again a few years later when it was revealed she'd earned herself a fortune by setting up a webcam business.

She later claimed she could make up to £50 a minute by chatting to several men online.

"You are going to get the guy who is horny and wants you to do the sexy chat, or you’re going to get the guy who is lonely and wants to talk about his allotment. It is literally so random and so weird," she told Mail Online.

Speaking about her success afterwards, Chloe also revealed: "I got lots of work and then realised I could employ other girls to work for me and built up a successful business from there. I now have 50 employees and have made more than £1million."

She used the funds to splurge on several cosmetic procedures, spending "£20k on my boobs, £9k on my nose, £8.5k on veneers, and my lips were another £10k".

Playboy shoots and lavish life with Spearmint Rhino boss

In 2014, Chloe began branching into modelling and even landed some photoshoots with Playboy.

Around that time, she also started dating Spearmint Rhino CEO John Gray – who was 34 years her senior – and split her time between the UK and his incredible home in the US.

Starring in a short 'through the keyhole' film at the time, which invited viewers to see inside their mansion and extravagant life together, she said: “I just had to make a life for myself because I knew the life I had in Wakefield was no life at all.

“I didn’t want my family to live like that anymore – I didn’t know how to get out but I just knew that I wanted to.

“My lifestyle is pretty incredible now – it’s mansions and private jets and everything else that I could only imagine when I was younger.”

The pair split up in 2015, but vowed to remain friends.

Acknowledging the incredible journey she's been on previously, she told Closer: "I’m so proud of how I’ve turned my life around, and proven everyone wrong.

"I grew up on a council estate with just my mum, she worked so hard to support us. We moved around a lot, and could barely afford to pay the bills. One Christmas we had beans on toast for dinner.

"Now my life is all about mingling with celebs, designer shopping and driving my Range Rover."

CBB fling with Stephen Bear

A year after her US love split, Chloe hit UK headlines again when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

During her time in the house, she was seen getting hot and steamy with Stephen Bear on numerous occasions – despite him having a girlfriend at the time.

Their trysts included licking chocolate off each others bodies, disappearing into the toilets and sharing a sexy shower together, though both have denied having sex in the house.

They parted ways soon after leaving the house, with Bear going on to enjoy a romance with Charlotte Crosby shortly after.

Jet-setting life and designer wardrobe

Since then, Chloe has focused her attention on her online career and jet-setting lifestyle.

In June 2017 she jetted to the Bahamas and showed off the results of a bum lift – and continued travelling right around the world from there, seemingly staying in some of the most expensive hotels and flashing designer handbags and endless new outfits.

She's largely kept her love life out of the limelight in recent years, but in 2019 she revealed she'd dumped a "middle-aged fat d***head" who "screamed in her face for no reason".

She was living in Dubai at the time, having moved there to be with her mystery partner, and revealed she was getting her "own penthouse" after their split.

Since then she's split her time between Dubai and the UK, while travelling to exotic locations like the Maldives and Monaco – and has become a major star on OnlyFans, where she posts X-rated content for her paying fans.

Chloe splashed out on a huge new home in the UK last year, which she's named 'CK Sanctuary', and revealed plans to go "extra AF" on renovations with a cinema, home salon, wine room and a separate double glass gym complex.

Sure enough, she's shared glimpses inside ever since returning home at Christmas, with huge spacious rooms, modern cream, white and grey furnishings and of course a huge Range Rover in the drive.

It appears she's well and truly achieved the dream she set out on her lifestyle blog – just wanting "to be happy".

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