Influencer ‘ruins’ black-tie wedding with ‘extremely embarrassing’ outfit – people say she looks like a crasher | The Sun

THIS influencer has been slammed for wearing an "extremely embarrassing" outfit to a black-tie wedding.

People on social media said she looked like a wedding crasher after wearing skin-tight pants and a crop top to the formal event.

In a Reddit thread, a user posted screenshots from Santoshi Shetty's Instagram stories with her face covered.

The post read: "Influencer at a black-tie wedding reception. Gotta get content for the gram right…"

In the post, Shetty is seen wearing black skin-tight pants and a sequined bra top, which doesn't exactly fit the definition of black-tie attire.

According to Brides: "Guests commonly choose floor-length gowns and suits or tuxedos when attending a black-tie event."

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It looks like Shetty redefined the dress code with her look and Redditors did not hold back with their critiques.

One person wrote: "Everyone else looks gorgeous…….why did she have to ruin it (a beautiful wedding with a reasonable dress code) by looking like trailer trash?"

Another commented: "Makes them look like a wedding crasher or someone who has never been to a formal event so didn't know what to wear.

"There are plenty of formal dresses that can fit a black-tie event, but still draw attention since that is what they want."

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"Everyone else is in literally black tie or close enough, and she’s in jeans (or at least looks like it) and basically a bra.

"If I were her I’d be extremely embarrassed," one comment read.

Another quipped: "Did someone pick her up at the swimming pool?

"I mean, I appreciate her putting on pants rather than denim cutoffs, but 1000% not appropriate."

Another wedding guest was bashed on social media for her outfit.

She almost seemed too formal, wearing a gown that looked like the bride's dress.

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