I’m the Uniboob Queen – my 38J implant exploded in one of my 22lb boobs and I'm finally going back to natural | The Sun

AN Instagram model who has christened herself the “Uniboob Queen” after a breast implant explosion has announced she will be returning to her natural physique.

The influencer, who calls herself Mary Magdalene online, showed her followers her lopsided chest last week, admitting that she was ready to remember what her original chest looks like.

Magdalene has gained a large following on social media for her provocative content geared at normalizing plastic surgery.

The Daily Mail previously reported she boasts the "world's fattest vagina."

The 30-year-old woman recently shocked many of her followers after she posted a video detailing her deflated 38J breast implant.

"So this is my boob now," she told her followers, as she looked down at her large breast. "Basically my breast implant popped, again."

She teased the idea of embracing her new situation permanently in the video's caption.

"Should I just keep one or should I put in three?" she asked. "Looks hot lowkey."

Her followers appeared quite divided on the situation, with some going as far as to question her entire physique.

"What is your purpose for the overdone body? It looks so uncomfortable," one person asked.

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She later addressed speculation in an Instagram story, noting that she would not, in fact, be keeping her single bosom intact.

"You guys, I am removing them and going back natural. That’s why I am in Europe right now in a hotel room,” she explained. “My surgeries are in a few days."

Unfortunately, Magdalene has continued to face internet backlash despite assuring her followers that she would be receiving medical care.

In a recent post, she shared a short note posted by another Instagram user that detailed the scrutiny Magdalene has faced because "she doesn't look like a normal person based on whatever standard they think is normal."

So far, the Instagram model has refused to let people's negative perceptions influence her own self-worth.

"I call it not being a follower how do you like them apples give me a break…" she wrote. "I see through all the BS and hypocrisy that’s why I don’t take anything seriously because the BS is a joke it’s so so fake."

Unfortunately, this is not the first time she has had to deal with the consequences of her chosen body aesthetic.

Prior to the implant explosion, she claimed that her massive chest kept her from traveling.

She called out American Airlines, insisting that her appearance was the root of the altercation, she said: "Please stop discrimination, please this is disgusting.

"I feel so embarrassed and dehumanized right now, you guys have no idea," she explained to her followers.

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While a few people remain concerned about her health, other fans were quick to express their support for her personal lifestyle choices.

"It’s art. People don’t get it," one person reminded her.

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