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ARE you fed up with taking out something from your wardrobe only to find it’s covered in creases? 

Never fear, as organising pro and cleanfluencer, The Folding Lady, is on hand to share her super powers – and let you know where you’ve been going wrong.

The Folding Lady, whose real name is Sophie Liard, has amassed a huge online following thanks to her tips, hacks and insider secrets. 

The former department store worker learnt the trade of folding clothes on shop floors from the age of 16.

So now she’s keen to help others with their garment predicaments.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, she explained: “I was taught to fold by many prestigious brands such as DKNY, Ralph Lauren and 7forallmankind. 

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“I then transferred my folding and merchandising skills from store to home and now share my magic with others through social media and my first book: The Folding Lady. 

“I started The Folding Lady in 2019 at the start of the global pandemic. 

“Naturally, people were spending more time at home and looking for ways to break up the monotony of their day and small moments of escapism. I’ve always found folding therapeutic and seemingly loads of people agree.” 

So what items do people need extra help with? 

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“The most common error when folding items is not following the natural creases of the garment,” she revealed.

“The requirements for folding trousers compared to a hoodie are completely different and so is the outcome.

“If you don’t fold clothes along their creases, you’ll find that your clothes look crumpled and like they need an iron. 

“Whereas, if you fold your clothes along their seam, they will look crisp and wrinkle free for longer.”

Now, the cleanfluencer is on hand to take the stress out of folding – including those hard to fold items. 

She added: “People seem to struggle most with fitted sheets and underwear. The former always looks like a mess in the cupboard and the latter ends up a tangled mess in a drawer.”

The requirements for folding trousers compared to a hoodie are completely different

So without further ado, The Folding Lady – who recently teamed up with Comfort – shares her handy manual for folding these common, but complicated, items in just a few simple steps.

Plus, she also reveals her guide for getting your wardrobe summer ready and unboxing all the clothes you folded away in storage last season.


1.  Turn the shirt face down 

2.  Fold in the sleeves across the shoulders

3.  Fold the sides in ways 

4.  Fold the shirt length ways from bottom to collar 


1. Lay the fitted bed sheet flat 

2. Take the bottom two elasticated corner and meet them to the top two but sliding them inside the top corners

3. Fold your sheet into thirds and turn 90 degrees

4. Fold up as many times as you need for the sheet to fit your chosen storage. 

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1.  Fold the dress in half lengthways 

2.  Grab each side of the dress, and fold again 

3.  Taking the dress from the top, tuck and roll until in a small cylinder 

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Rolls would work better for silky fabrics and linens. Start by folding into thirds to create a rectangle then roll away.  

The Folding Lady’s Unfolding Guide

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get our wardrobes ready for summer – which means bringing out the old summer dresses and shorts you put away in September 2022. But what’s the best way to get your closet organised this time around? Harriet Allen, Marketing Manager at Comfort, said: “With the weather warming up and an increase in the number of daylight hours, it’s no wonder Brits are ready to make the ‘seasonal switchover’. By spending a little extra time and care on your clothes this weekend, not only will they still smell fresh 100 days on, but they’ll feel fantastic too!” Here, The Folding Lady, aka Sophie, unveils how to get the job done.

  1. First of all, unbox your wardrobe in sections. Take your time taking out your dresses, then shorts, then tops and let them breathe for a little while – especially if they’ve been vacuum packed.
  2. Before you pack away your seasonal clothes for the big switch over, wash your clothes in a fabric conditioner. My favourite fragrance is Comfort Blue Skies. Using a Comfort fabric conditioner will leave your clothes smelling fresh whilst they are in storage, owed to the brand’s 100 days of freshness science. That means your winter wardrobe will smell just as fresh come October. 
  3. You might find that you have a couple of items that don’t suit you like they did last year and might think about what to do with them. Before you get unpacking, set out a pile for donations to a local charity or clothing bank.

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