I’m the Catfish Queen – fans are saying my latest transformation is my best yet | The Sun

THE SO-CALLED "Catfish Queen" of Tik Tok has wowed her followers once again with a transformation which made her look almost 20 years younger.

Patricia Lichtenberger, a 47-year-old beauty influencer, posts videos of her amazing makeup transformations for her 130,000 followers on Tik Tok.

Many of her fans have said her most recent video is her best transformation yet.

In the video posted a week ago, she's seen lip-syncing to an audio which says, "You don't even exist to me," before playing upbeat music and revealing her transformation.

Originally from Texas, the influencer now lives in Kansas, and has been building her following since posting videos in 2016.

"I wanted to share my before and after videos because for so long, those words cut so much and you get into depression, until you can finally get up and turn those negative comments into something bittersweet," she said.


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"So that day, I decided to make that video to show them so yeah, I guess I am a Catfish!"

The makeup artist gained fame for a video showing her transformation in September 2021, racking up nearly 3million views and 140k likes.

In the video, she joked about loving being a "catfish", before showing her flashy makeup look with bright blue eyeshadow, a nude lip and perfect skin.

Many comments on her posts have been supportive, but some trolled Patricia for her glamorous "catfish" techniques.

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One troll said: "How she go from 80 year old to 40 year old??? Make up is the true CAP, be careful men…"

Patricia has claims that it's not the same woman after her makeup transformation, but embraces the haters.

"Love it!! Ignore all the haters, their life is so miserable they have to leave negative comments to feel good with themselves," one user said.

"Makeup is not illegal, we enhance our beauty and we all are artistic so why take the fun out of that?" Patricia said.

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