I’m the biggest catfish on social media – my hair changes color and my lips get bigger, I swear it’s me

THANKS to the emergence of advanced makeup and hair techniques, it's possible to completely transform your look in a matter of minutes.

Lawnie, a talented makeup artist, is no stranger to this.

Sharing a video with her 25.5 thousand TikTok followers, she showed us her ability to go from a black-haired bombshell to bare-faced with orange curly locks.

In the first clip, Lawnie is seen with what appears to be a dark wig paired with one of her signature extravagant makeup looks.

Her luxurious makeup, which focuses on emphasizing and enlarging her upper lip, is what really takes the catfishing to the next level.

Humorously acknowledging this in the caption of her video, Lawnie wrote: "My top lip is the biggest catfish."

Mouthing along to the words of the song in the background, Lawnie stated "girl that's not me," further emphasizing her dramatic transformation.

Quick to address haters in a separate video, Lawnie gave an in-depth, heartfelt response to the following comment: "This trend is stupid. Yes, it is you. Just cause you put on makeup and look hot one day and not the next, you're still the same person."

Lawnie began: "You're speaking about the sound right? That says 'girl that's not me'? In a sense, it's not far from the truth. It's not.

"When I put on makeup I create a whole other persona. So that is somebody different. But in reality, yes it is me.

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"But that's the whole point of this trend, to show that I don't always look like that. I'm not always like miss perfect Patty. I look like this.

"I have a natural state, but that doesn't make me ugly. If anything, that makes me more beautiful. That we're able to embrace our natural state.

"Stop trying to make something positive into something negative because that is a reflection of your character, not ours.

"This trend is to show young girls and other women that you are beautiful regardless. It's for the ones that say 'oh she's so beautiful, oh she's so gorgeous, I could never look like her.'"

"Girl we don't always look like that. I look like this. I have pimples. I have a tiny upper lip, I have messy hair.

"That is the point of this trend, is to show that no matter what, you are beautiful.

"If you go under this trend and you watch the videos and you take a minute to jump outside of your weird mentality that you have, you can read the comments and see that it's mostly filled with women saying you're beautiful still because that is the point that we're trying to make."

People in the comments completely understood Lawnie's sentiment and supported her stance.

"SAY IT LOUDER!!!!!!" one enthused.

"Thiisss yessss I’ve been waiting for someone to explain and you explained perfectly!" another shared.

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Someone else left praise: "Amen!!! Thank you for addressing that in the way that you did! Perfect!"

A fellow makeup artist stated: "I completely agree with you I’m a makeup artist as well."

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