I'm so pretty I have never had to pay for an overseas flight – I’m constantly jetting off to Dubai, LA and Bali for free | The Sun

A WOMAN claimed she has never had to pay for overseas flights to glam destinations such as Dubai, Bali and Los Angeles because of her good looks.

Sam Parks from Queensland, Australia, said her exotic travel was funded by rich men due to her "pretty privilege".

The glam Aussie featured on Shadow Banned podcast where she revealed the advantages of being blessed with natural allure.

She said: "It's a thing.

"Well I've never paid for an overseas trip let just put it that way."

The Gold Coast-based model later claimed she had been given free trips to Las Vegas, Utah, New York and even Thailand.


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Sam was joined by fellow influencer Anita Cassin during the chat who confirmed she was also given special treatment for being pretty.

Anita said: "Pretty privilege is a thing for sure.

"I feel like I've gotten job roles in life that I should not have gotten."

Sam's attractiveness is well known – she is an OnlyFans star and has more than 187,000 followers on Instagram where she posts racy snaps.

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Her take on "pretty privilege" comes after a model in the US caused controversy online when she claimed being beautiful had its disadvantages.

Emily Adonna, who lives in California, took to TikTok to plead her case.

Emily said: "Pretty privilege is a thing, I'm not here to deny that but it comes with disadvantages.

"I've never once been in a job where I haven't been harassed.

"I've rarely been in social situations where I haven't been harassed.

"People do not ask before touching me in public, I am grabbed regularly."

Another woman claimed her life was made harder because of the fact she was beautiful.

One pretty tradeswoman revealed that men often say she is distracting and couldn’t work with her because she is too good looking.

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