I’m so hot I was thrown out of the supermarket – apparently what I was wearing was inappropriate and caused offence | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER and OnlyFans model says she was kicked out of a supermarket for being too hot.

Brazilian woman Lara Ferreira says she was in a supermarket in Miami, Florida, when an employee asked her to leave.

Talking to the Daily Star says this is an example of the prejudice she faces just because she’s attractive.

"I felt humiliated, I was in shock when he took me out of the market screaming. My look was not scandalous. I wear it in Brazil, on a daily basis, and I never went through that," she says.

Lara says she was the only shopper in the store at the time, and has not revealed what she was wearing when asked to vacate the premises.

She adds that the employee recognised her from OnlyFans and seemed to assume she would be showing off and filming in the shop.


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"The employee accused me of something I didn't do, for me it's prejudice just because I'm hot," argues Lara.

"I've recorded in public, but always in a discreet way, without embarrassing other people," she continues.

“And the employee recognised me, he knew what he was saying and doing.

"He commented that he knew me from OnlyFans. It was a shame," she finished.

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According to Lara this isn’t the first time people have publicly judged her due to her looks and outfits.

She says that one time, while wearing a thong bikini, at a beach in Brazil so was approached by two women who asked her:

“You're the clueless one who sells nude photos, right?”

Lara isn’t the only person to suggest people can react negatively to their attractiveness.

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