I’m shamed by parents for dressing too sexy & slammed for being an 'embarrassment' to my son but I won't change | The Sun

THIS alternative mum-of-one is judged for her fashion sense, but she refuses to stop wearing her unique outfits

British mum Charlie Hayes loves to dress up in revealing clothes and other parents are less than impressed by her fashion sense.

Charlie, 22, has a four year old son called Jasper, and goes out in public with her little one wearing bright, revealing outfits and neon make up. 

In a recent TikTok video, she shared with fans: “I love the pure shock on people’s faces when I tell them I’m a mum. Patriarchal society is so used to seeing women lose themselves to motherhood that it’s shocking that someone could be a parent and have a personality.”

The tattoo-covered mum, whose username is strawberry.hayes, keeps her 93,000 followers entertained with regular videos of herself wearing alternative clothing in public with her little boy in tow.

Among her many inks, there are thorns across her neck, the word ‘venus’ above her eyebrow, a coffin and a knuckle duster on her arms. 

Charlie dubs herself a ‘social experiment’ on her social media, and isn’t afraid to share her opinions with the world – or anyone else’s. 

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The content creator confesses that her bold look is judged and insulted almost everyday, and has shared some of the hurtful comments she receives. 

In another clip, the mum-of-one dances as rude remarks about her are displayed on screen. 

People call her an “embarrassment” and others say “you’re going to confuse your son about his gender.”

Other shocked parents tell her “I’m calling social services” and “your child’s going to grow up an addict.”



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Charlie experiments with her outfits wearing everything from a wedding veil and 90s sunglasses to a velvet bra with a Flintstones-style black and green fur mini skirt. 

One day, the young mum dressed up as “a demon fairy vampire princess” and wore devil-red contact lenses during a trip to McDonalds. 

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In another video, she dances in a seaside arcade wearing a see-through skin-tight stripy top and black leg warmers. Jasper holds his mum’s hand and boogies alongside her. He wears shorts and a Bugs Bunny t-shirt and his long blonde hair is styled into plaits. 

Local parents may turn their noses up at Charlie, but her followers champion her unique style. 

Fans gush over the TikTok star, with one commenting: “If I ever am a mom I’m gonna be like her.”

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A second replied: “That little dude’s gonna grow up with so much respect for people and be a genuinely sound guy.”

Another impressed mum shared: “Parenthood isn’t tied to giving up yourself or stuff – being an authentic, cool person is the best role model for a kid!”

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