I'm searching for teen who got me pregnant after one night stand – trolls keep telling me he died in a car crash | The Sun

A MUM-TO-BE hunting for the father of her baby revealed trolls keep pretending that he’s dead.

Sarah-Jayne Snow, 30, had a boozy beach romp with a lad who was 19 in Tenerife last year.

The pair didn’t even swap phone numbers but when she got home she discovered she was pregnant.

All she can remember is that he said he worked at the Braehead Shopping Centre in Glasgow.

But when she launched an online appeal to track him down she was bombarded with messages saying he was called Steve and had been killed in a crash.

Sarah-Jayne said: “Dead Steve is a trend.

“People think it’s hilarious to continue the idea that he couldn’t possibly get in touch because he’s passed away.”

Sarah-Jayne was on holiday with her sister in the island’s sunshine resort Playa De Las Americas.

She ended up on the strip alone at 5am after her sister headed home early and said she was approached by the teen.

He offered to walk her home and she claims at first she didn’t want to take things any further because she was then 29 and he was 19.

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She decided to Facetime her sister and took a snap of the guy for safety, and that’s all she has of him.

Sarah-Jayne, from East Lothian, said: “I know I was a lot drunker than he was.

“The only reason we slept together was because it was led by him stopping me in the street and asking me to go with him.

“ I didn’t approach him. It was just two drunk consensual adults having a one night stand.”

Since going public Sarah has had dozens of messages from strangers telling her all about Steve.

Some bizarrely claim to be related to him. One troll said: “I know him. That’s Steve. Unfortunately he died in a car crash two weeks ago.”

Another added: “That’s my pal Steve. We used to play football until he sadly passed away. RIP brother.”

While one message said: “My cousin Steve. Car accident. Family are in bits.”

But Sarah-Jayne revealed the bizarre comments don’t bother her.

She said: “The jokes about him being dead don’t frustrate me at all.

“I know he’s alive so it doesn’t get to me that much.”

But Sarah-Jayne opened up about the abuse that does anger her. She added: “It breaks my heart when strangers say I should have aborted my boy.

“People can judge me but my son is innocent in all this. He doesn’t deserve people saying he shouldn’t be in this world.”

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Sarah-Jayne reckons the teenager has probably seen her appeals by now.

She’s adamant she doesn’t want to trap him and just thinks it’s only fair that he knows he’s going to have a baby.

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