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A MUM-OF-TWO has dubbed herself a “Free Birther” – meaning she goes through pregnancy and birth without any medical involvement.  

Kaytlynn Griem attends no ultrasounds, has no blood tests or any prenatal care when pregnant, and gives birth at home without a midwife.

The 23-year-old is currently pregnant with her third child.

While most Free Birthers will have their child at home, others will choose a place or site that is sentimental to them.

The stay-at-home mum has a “no toxin” lifestyle and treats her little ones with herbal remedies rather than modern medicine when they get sick.

She claimed: “Our bodies are so amazing and when left undisturbed in a comfortable environment, it will do exactly what it was made to do: give birth.”

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Kaytlynn has shared her free birthing journey on Tik Tok and pointed out the “controversial things” she does while pregnant.

She said in one video: “Controversial things I do during pregnancy that upset people – because apparently it’s their body.

“No prenatal care.

“No ultrasounds or tests.

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“Eat a high raw vegan diet.”

The self-styled herbal mum added that she also incorporates cannabis into her pregnancy but insisted she doesn’t smoke it. 

In another video, she penned: “Be warned if your wife comes over.

“I’m gonna teach her how to birth babies alone at home, to not trust the government or doctors and that 99% of the food you eat is poisoning you.”

If her pregnancy was high risk, Kaytlynn said she would consider seeing a doctor or midwife after trying herbal remedies.

The mum from Missouri, US paid $5,000 in healthcare fees to have her first child but said doctors “literally did nothing”, prompting her to try free birthing.

The NHS calls free birthing an unassisted birth.

However, it recommends having a midwife with you if you choose to give birth at home. 

Its website reads: “Talk to a midwife if you are worried about your care.

“They can discuss with you the role of the midwife and help you make an informed choice and personalise your care and support so it’s right for you.

“If you decide to have an unassisted birth, you can change your mind at any time during your pregnancy or labour. 

“NHS midwives will always be available to support you.

“A midwife can offer you support and advice during labour, and check on the health of you and your baby. 

“They'll know if you or your baby need help, and can arrange for medical attention if needed.”

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Free Birthers in the UK need to tell their GP or local maternity services as soon as the baby is born so someone can come out to confirm the arrival of the child.

This is because by law every birth in the UK needs to be recorded within 36 hours.

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