I’m over 30 and people say my outfits ‘scream single’ – I think they’re just ‘jealous’ I don’t ‘dress my age’ | The Sun

TROLLS baffled a fashion content creator by inundating her videos with mean comments.

After calling out the haters, her fans are backing her up with theories about the cruel criticism.

Tiffany Pitcher (@tiffanypitcher) posted a video recounting some of the harshest comments she's received from critics.

She wore a red co-ord set that accentuated her ginger hair, with scarlet lipstick to top it off.

Across the screen, captions appeared. Each of them recounted a comment that Pitcher received on a previous video.

"This isn't high school," one said. "Why are you wearing that?"

"Dress your age!" another stranger demanded. Pitcher's hashtags indicated she's in her 30s.

Some tried to attack Pitcher's romantic prospects.

"No man will appreciate you," one troll wrote, while another said, "You scream single."

"She must have no self-confidence," one comment read.

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A final hater agreed, writing, "Ugh, so cringey."

Pitcher scratched her head and lip-synched along to the Eminem song Big Weenie.

At first, she seemed distressed, mouthing, "I don't understand. Why are you being so mean?"

But when the first verse of the song kicked in, Pitcher used a video transition for a dramatic wardrobe change.

Wearing a maribou-trimmed crop top and a skirt with two hip-high slits, Pitcher rapped directly at her critics.

"You're just jealous of me," she mouthed, "'You just can't do what I do."

In the caption, Pitcher indicated the trolls were a thing of the past. "Leaving these rude comments in 2022," she pledged.

Fans immediately rushed to reassure her.

"You are a fashion goddess," a follower said. "I love every one of your looks."

Another encouraged her to keep dressing as she was.

"You have the right to rock whatever you want you wear. Keep it up," they advised.

Men also did their best to make sure Pitcher knew the comments were inaccurate.

"As a man, I 100 percent appreciate you," an admirer wrote.

One raised a very good question: didn't commenters realize Pitcher was married?

"How don't they see that rock on that hand?" she wondered. "That's not screaming single."

"Who the heck knows?" Pitcher wrote back.

"People think because I wear what I want I don’t have a man telling me what to wear, maybe?" she theorized.

Another person offered a "translation" of all the cruel comments.

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"How come you get to dress like that and I can't? Let me repeat the things I'm afraid to hear about myself," they wrote.

Pitcher said that was exactly what she heard – and she wasn't going to let it bother her one bit.

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