I’m mum-shamed for my kids’ dinners, trolls say they’re unhealthy but sometimes I just can’t be bothered to cook

WHETHER you're tired from looking after the kids all day or exhausted from a long, hard day at work, we've all had times where we just don't feel like cooking.

And when Chey Singh, from the US, found herself experiencing one of those very days, she shared her quick and easy dinner to TikTok.

"Not being feeling great today – kind of one of the get through the days best you can," she explained to her followers.

"When it came to time to start dinner, I just wasn’t feeling it."

She went on to say how she knew she had a pack of white rolls in the kitchen cupboards.


Demonstrating the simple meal, she continued: "I layered on some mayonnaise and sliced ham, and added some mustard. Then, I added some cheddar cheese."

Add the top back on then cut out each individual roll."

She completed the meal by throwing some baby carrots and grapes on the side and served it on the chopping board.

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"This is another easy dinner for when you don’t feel like cooking but have a family to feed," she finished.

However, despite it including protein, fruit and veg, it wasn't long before trolls took to the comments section to slam Chey's choice of dinner for her children.

"The meal isn’t healthy, parents are obligated to take care of their children," wrote one.

A second penned: "Not a meal. A sandwich is not in any country a meal."

However, others took the opportunity to jump to Chey's defence.

"This and a side is totally acceptable for dinner. Who says there’s rules for what you eat for dinner?" wrote one.

Another commented: "I think we can all agree that fed is best," while a third added: "These comments are hella cap. I woulda killed for this to be a bad meal growing up.

"This would have been paycheck just hit eating good dinner."

Meanwhile, a fourth chimed in: "At least she is making dinner for her family… there are parents who don’t feed their children. This women is making sufficient for her kids for one."

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