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SHE’S known as ‘Britain’s most hated woman’ but it seems that Carla Bellucci is winning the popularity contest amongst her teen daughter and her mates.

While most 18-year-olds might expect a glass of bubbly on their birthday, Carla Bellucci’s daughter Tanisha, 17, will be marking the milestone with bottles of pricey Dom Perignon.

Not only that but the £200 fizz will be served to the teen and her friends by half-naked strippers at the £10,000 birthday bash, much to the horror of local mums.

But rather than being a prude when it comes to her daughter, Carla is happy to encourage her daughter’s curiosity and is even helping her to set up her own Only Fans account.

Here Carla, who lives with her fiance Gio and her three youngest children, Tanisha, 17, Jayden, 15, and 12-month-old Blue, near Hitchin, Herts, reveals why she’s going all out for her daughter’s 18th no matter what other mums think…

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My eldest daughter Tanisha will be turning 18 on February 3rd and I am going to make sure it will be a day for not only her but the whole village to remember.

Rather than popping a sad £5 prosecco I am going to make sure Tanisha’s first taste of booze is from a bottle of £200 Dom Perignon champagne and I want to make sure she does it in style.

She’s going to see Magic Mike Live the week before she turns 18 so I thought, ‘why not continue the theme?’ so I have booked three strippers to wait on her and her friends hand and foot.

I know full well that local mums will be horrified by the idea but at the end of the day she’s an adult, I don’t see the issue!

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There will be plenty of mums who won’t want their kids coming anywhere near Tanisha’s birthday party, but I am sure they will find a way to sneak along.

The waiter’s modesty will be covered by a little apron anyway, and I’m not a monster, anyone who is underage won’t be touching the champagne.

It won’t bother me at all seeing Tanisha around naked waiters, we’re more like friends than mother and daughter and I’d much rather she was doing that then necking vodka in a field.

The waiters don’t come cheap of course, it will cost me around £600 to hire them for just over an hour and of course I will want to book a magician, a DJ and a Instagrammable doughnut wall.

I have to budget a little as bills are rising, so I am trying to keep the total cost of the party to around £10,000.

Of course, taking Tanisha to Paris as her birthday gift will add a couple of thousand to that, my funds may be dwindling after that but she will only turn 18 once.

I know full well that the mum police will be out in force, telling me off for flashing my cash while other people ‘struggle.’

They can jog on, I can’t see how anyone can be in that much poverty I really can’t.

People need to stop whining and learn how to budget. 

If they can’t afford their heating bill maybe they should stop smoking so many fags.

Once we’ve blown a bit of cash in Paris, Tanisha has already got plans for making up any money she’s spent.

Now that she’s turning 18 I know that Tanisha will be keen to set up her own Only Fans account and rather than turn a blind eye I want to be as involved as possible.

I am going to take the role of manager and I want a cut!

I obviously have experience in that industry and so I can make sure she is safe and not exploited.

My fiance Gio is quite protective of Tanisha, and we both are keen to remind her that what she does now will stay with her in the future.

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But unlike other mums and daughters, Tanisha and I have a very trusting relationship and any issues she will share with me.

We’re a dream team and together we’ll make a killing.

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