I'm known as the Plastic Botched Boy – I spent £32k on face filler but now I've had it all removed – I look so different | The Sun

AN AUSSIE beauty lover has revealed that he had over 13ml of filler in his lips and a whopping 20ml of filler in his face, but has decided to get it all dissolved. 

Known on TikTok as Plastic Botched Boy, the man admitted to forking out more than a whopping £32k for a complete face makeover.

He has flown to Turkey and spent £13k on bright white veneers, also had a hair transplant and even got his freckles removed with a laser treatment.

To top it off, it also appears that he's had his nose done, his lips plumped with filler and cheekbones given a more snatched and defined look, with 10ml of filler injected in each cheek.

The man started his filler journey three years ago, as he explained: “I probably had about 10ml of filler in each cheek, which was done over the course of about three years. 

“I had my lips done around 15 times over three years. 

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“Things [looked] a bit crazy but I lived for the vibe.

“I had a lot of confidence, I know it’s controversial.” 

However, the beauty lover decided that enough was enough, and while he loved his unique look, made the decision to get all of his facial filler removed.

Posting on the video sharing platform, he said: “Removed all my facial filler.”

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In the clip, the man shared a clip of what he looked like prior to the dissolving process.

He then shared a video of how his face looked after having the filler dissolved. 

His face looks drastically different, as he said: “I’ve lost my identity, I am no one.”

He confirmed that he had 13ml of filler in his lips dissolved, to which he claimed: “‘IM SHOOK they're so small lmao.”

The beauty fan posted his clip just 18 hours ago, but it has quickly gone viral and has amassed a whopping 3.8million views.

It has 461k likes, 9,559 comments and 2,756 shares.

TikTok users were overwhelmingly complimentary of the man and his new face, as many thought he looked much better natural. 

One person said: “Don’t get it again & I'm not playing. You look good.”

Another added: “You instantly look younger, so much more youthful!”

A third commented: “Looks so much better without, looked funky before.” 

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Whilst someone else noted: “Ten THOUSAND times better.”

Another even posted: “AMAZING! Natural beauty.” 

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