I'm known as 'the girl with the hip dips'…I didn't let my man touch my belly for a year but now I love my squishy tummy | The Sun

A SOCIAL media influencer has revealed that she didn’t let her partner touch her tummy for a whole year.

Nelly London is a body positive Instagram influencer who recently explained that she wouldn't let her partner touch her 'squishy' tum – but that has all changed now.

In a recent Instagram post, Nelly, who is also known as ‘the girl with the hip dips’, shared that she didn't let her boyfriend touch her belly for a whole year in fear that he would be "repulsed" by her "squish."

After she realised that she didn't need to have a "flat" stomach to be loved, the influencer finally let her lover caress her tum.

She shared a series of snaps of her boyfriend holding her belly in an Instagram post, where Nelly declared: "Let them hold you.

"Let them squish your squish.

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"Let yourself be held.

"Let yourself be loved."

In the snaps we saw Nelly rock a pair of black undies while she let her boyfriend hold her belly from behind.

In the caption, Nelly wrote: "For an entire year I didn’t let this man touch my tummy, in any capacity.

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"Not when we were laying in bed, not when I had stomach ache, not when he walked passed me in the kitchen, literally never.

"I was so afraid that he would feel my softness and be put off, repelled, or even repulsed.

"He did absolutely nothing to make me feel those things, but I had convinced myself for so many years that my tummy needed to be smooth, to be toned, and to be ‘flat’ in order to be loved.

"I have since learned that that was in fact a lie we’ve been fed since we were children, and actually all tummies are lovable and all bodies deserve love.

"I hope you’re letting yourself be loved."

Many social media users were inspired by Nelly and were quick to take to the comments to express this.

One person commented: "Finally letting myself be loved like this is the best feeling ever."

Another user added: "It's been eight years and I still struggle, thank you so much for posting this."

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A third noted: "I felt this as only ever allowed my current partner to do it recently but never have before with anyone."

Meanwhile, someone else shared: "My tummy has been my biggest insecurity ever since I could remember – this post means more to me than you know."

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