I’m giving my son a Christmas-inspired name – people say it’s ‘ghastly’ & would be better for a dog | The Sun

ONE couple came up with a baby name that would make Santa Claus proud – but is making everyone else roll their eyes.

The couple, who are expecting their first child, have faced ridicule on Reddit since sharing the Christmas-themed moniker they chose for their son.

Posting on Reddit, a man revealed that he and his partner had picked an unconventional name for their firstborn.

"We are naming our first kiddo (baby boy) and love this name, but would really value some first impressions," he said.

He argued that his son's last name "will be very common, so we want a more interesting first name."

The name they picked also has a personal connection.

The name they settled on? Dasher.

“It seems ‘Dash’ is a fairly common name, but we would prefer that as a nickname only,” the father-to-be explained.

He said they also liked it because it would "age well," adding: “Dash as a kid, Dasher as a successful adult."

He went on: “We are expats and have lived in multiple countries. Dash and Dasher are both easy to say in most European languages.”

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However, he admitted he is a bit nervous about the name choice as well.

“Will he be too haunted by reindeer jokes?” he asked, referring to Santa’s famed reindeer named Dasher.

“We don't care about the Incredibles, and that's all anyone seems to comment about the Dash nickname,” he also added.

The father said that he would choose a more “normal” middle name for the child, in case he decides he wants to blend in more.

Reddit users weren’t fans of the moniker.

“Immediately made me think of the reindeer – I would not. It doesn’t feel like a name for a human,” one person said.

“I don't even the know the whole song and English isn't my first language – it still sounded like a reindeer to me,” wrote another.

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“Honestly, I think this would be a cute dog name, but doesn’t seem very versatile for a child or adult. I’d really recommend continuing to look,” a third suggested.

And a fourth offered an alternative idea: “Honestly, I think it’s ghastly. Dasher doesn’t bring to mind a successful adult to me; it brings to mind a reindeer. If you have to use it, then Dash in the middle spot would be far better.”

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