I’m a waitress & customers always do 3 annoying things…stop swapping tables & grabbing drinks from our trays for a start | The Sun

A WAITRESS has taken to social media to reveal the three annoying things that customers always do – so prepare to be attacked.

Restaurant worker Krista Mackenzie took to TikTok to act out scenarios that often happen to her as a waitress. 

She described the three situations as: “Things that drive servers crazy.” 

Krista posted her video with the caption ‘The last one though.. my most hated question ?’

The first thing that annoys waitresses, according to Krista, is when people grab their drinks from the waitress’ tray.

Krista acted out a scene, in which she was holding a tray of drinks.

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She said “ok I have two waters”, to which the customer replied “oh yes, I’ll grab that, that’s mine, thank you” as the person grabbed the drink from the tray.

But Krista explained that this is highly annoying, as it can cause other drinks to shake and spill.

She then replied: “I would really appreciate it if next time you could not grab your drink off of my tray and just wait until I set it down for you.”

Another thing that highly annoys servers is when customers move tables without asking.

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When Krista went to the table to bring the customers their food, she was shocked to see that they had moved.

She said: “You moved spots, I didn’t know where to find you” to which the customer then explained "yeah, after you left we spotted this seat over here and it just looked way more comfortable than the one you originally sat us in so we just scooted ourselves on over.”

The third and final thing that winds up hospitality staff is when people don’t know what food to order and ask for suggestions but completely ignore them.

Krista asked: “Ok are we all set to order?” to which the customer replied “not quite, what’s good here?”

Krista advised: “Well, we are known for our famous rotisserie chicken, so you could try that” but the customer responded “nah I’m not really a chicken person, what else is good? I could go for a really good steak.”

The waitress then confirmed: “Well you my friend are in the wrong place as we do not do steak here. We have a chicken club wrap, chicken sandwich, a stir fry” but the customer simply said “nah.”

Krista’s video has clearly made many people laugh, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 2.1million views.

It has 418.7k likes, 572 comments and 224 shares.

Many other restaurant workers could relate to Krista and expressed their frustration in the comments. 

One person said: “People taking their drinks off my tray is literally my biggest pet peeve.” 

Another added: “"We just scooted ourselves over" Well… don't.” 

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A third commented: “Do people not realise that by switching seats they're probably switching sections which means the same server is probably not in charge of that section” to which Krista replied “Thank you!!! Exactly.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “this one: “NO WERE READY TO ORDER” and then i proceed to stand there for 5 mins while they all talk about what they want” to which Krista responded “Haha yesss the worst.”

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