I'm a teacher – here are the 5 types of mums at parent teacher evenings… my least favourites all act the same way | The Sun

A TEACHER has revealed her least favourite type of mum and dad at parent evenings – and they all act the same way.

Zahra Merali, a Maths and Physics tutor, shared her entertaining thoughts on five different parent categories – from the spreadsheet Queens to the phone obsessed.

In a TikTok video, the life coach described a range of responses she gets when giving student feedback.

She explained: "There's the parents I love, the one who's kids I normally really like too and who let their child speak and take control of it, listen to the feedback, seem thoughtful about it and actually are very supportive parents – we like those."

Another, less favourable reaction, indicated some parents use these meetings as an opportunity to vent about personal issues with their child.

"There are the ones pretending to be supportive parents, who listen carefully to everything you're saying, and then turn to their child and somehow turn all your positive feedback into negative feedback", the teacher said.

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"And then make them feel bad about things, and tell you how little they do at home when you've just told them how great their homework is – they irritate me."

The third type of parents were described by Zahra as: "The pushy parents who want the data, they belong with the spreadsheet Kings or Queens."

A category the teacher found particularly annoying was the "busy parents", who pay more attention to their phones than the child's report.

"They're very important, much more important than you, they want to be on their phone the whole time – a little bit irritating," she added.

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The fifth and final type of mum or dad was more of a mystery.

Zahra said: "Then you get, you know, the very quiet ones and you can never work out what they're thinking."

People rushed to the comment section to share what category their parents would fall into.

One wrote: "This is so true omg."

"I've got a mix of the first and second hahaha", another commented.

"Mine are deffo the quiet ones", posted someone else.

Someone else highlighted another possible type of parent: "And you got the ones that will come at you."

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