I’m a tattoo artist – a client asked for this but there's one GLARING error

A TATOO artist has pointed out one glaring error in a swing design after claiming that a client had requested him to ink exactly the same one.

The user, known only as honbontattoo, believed the inking was so bad that he insisted on creating his own design from scratch.

Shared on the Reddit thread, S****y Tattoos, users quickly piled on in the discussion when they realised the fault with the design.

Depicting tatt of a mother and daughter on a swing, the post was captioned: “The legs are in front of the swing but they’re facing the other way.”

And a tattoo artist in the comments was one of the first to react as he questioned how his client hadn’t noticed the error.

“A client sent me this exact picture the other day and asked if I’d tattoo it. Like tattoo the exact image,” he recalled.

“I was like, I’ll tattoo the concept but…better."

Users in their comments were similarly dismayed, suggesting the final design was more like a “nightmare.”

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“They’re like owls, they can turn their heads all the around,” one said.

“I’m just try to see it that way, aren’t their feet still on backwards,” another posted, with a second chiming in: “I’m having flashbacks to The Exorcist.”

Other couldn’t believe how “tacky” the design was as they blasted the line work as “s**t.”

One user called tinybeano wrote: “I am sorry, but I find these tattoos so f****y tacky and horrible. It makes me cringe.

Oxymoronisanoxymoron added: “My friend has this tattoo, the legs are right but overall the quality is horribad.”

While another said that it was "problematic artistically" but suggested “at least it’s not another misshapen wolf or dream catcher.”

The comments came as Redditors claimed that the wolf a woman had inked onto her leg appeared to be wearing a bra.

One curious user asked: "Is it just me or does that wolf have cleavage?"

"That wolf has a strong B-cup," another posted, with a third chiming in: "Omg, that's all I can see now."

And social media user, known only as Glittering-Basil 3027, paid for a cat tattoo – only for it to be likened to the Ghostbusters character Slimer, Slugcat from Rain World and Star Wars gangster Jabba the Hutt.

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