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NAAN bread is a staple of Indian takeaways – but not everybody can agree on the right way to eat it.

One Irish lad, who shares videos with his 18,600 TikTok followers under the name The Takeaway Man, gave his verdict on the matter.

Demonstrating the 'correct' way to eat naan bread, the Takeaway Man showed that it doesn't take more than two simple steps to enjoy it his way.

Starting off with some plain naan bread on a plate, the foodie unboxed some rice and placed it in the middle of the naan bread.

Next, comes the main event – the curry.

The Takeaway Man explained: "What you want to do with your curry is make a little Vesuvius well [in the middle with your spoon], where you also want to keep the rice on the sides. Then slowly pour in your curry.

"So basically what happens is you have your naan on the bottom and when you work your curry down through the rice, the sauce then automatically goes on the naan so you're not dipping.

"Now I know a lot of people love to dip but this way, you have an even spread of the rice and sauce on your naan at the end.

"You shouldn't be filling up on naan at the start. Your naan should always be at the end."

The Takeaway Man warned viewers that their meal won't always come with vegetables, depending on where they order from.

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Adding another top takeaway tip, he advised fans to order a starter that has lots of veg in it, and put that on top of their curry for the ultimate combo.

Viewers took to the comment section, divided about the right way to eat naan bread.

One said: "Although I don't agree I'm gonna have to give this a go!"

Another person said: "Not bad but I'm a dipper".

Someone else said: "I’d rather have naan than the rice so wouldn’t want to fill up with rice. I rip the naan and make little sandwiches".

Another viewer added: "No no no. I plate up half and pretend I won't eat the other half (but I do sometimes)".


Elsewhere, one TikTok mom has shared the recipe for a fun and quick dinner at home.

And parents couldn't thank her enough for the "lifesaver" meal idea.

As a mom of four, @Shortyizevil knows the struggle of getting dinner on the table – fast.

Feeding hungry children can be difficult, but luckily she shared one easy meal that's sure to be a hit: pizza casserole.

She posted a video to reveal the recipe and toasty product.

The first ingredient was a roll of Pillsbury flaky layer biscuits.

But instead of baking them whole, she cut each pastry into cubes and put the pieces in a bowl.

The rest of the ingredients were standard for pizza making.

She poured tomato sauce on the biscuit bites until they were fully coated.

Next, she mixed a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese and slices of pepperoni.

The contents were lightly coated with parmesan cheese and garlic powder.

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Before going into the oven, she transferred everything into a baking dish.

The finishing touch was a thin top layer of shredded mozzarella.

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