I’m a Skims fan – I tried the Barely There backless shorts, I am ‘obsessed’, they’re a must-have summer staple | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has shared her thoughts on the backless shorts from Skims.

The stylish creator showed her followers a before and after look at the shapewear.

TikTok user Brittany Yeh (@brittanyyeh) explained: "I think [the shorts] are going to be so good for summer, especially with backless dresses."

In her video, Brittany modeled the $48 Barely There low back shorts from Skims.

Before showing off the shapewear, the TikToker showed viewers her natural shape in a white backless dress.

"I just got this amazing maxi dress. My favorite part is the back though, it’s so gorgeous," she said.

Brittany continued: "I do think there is an opportunity to cinch and shape [in the stomach area]. So let’s try these shorts with the dress and see if it gets me snatched."

After putting on the popular shorts, the influencer joked about having to "shimmy" to fit them over her bum.

"Wait you guys, I am obsessed. Okay first of all this barely there material, you literally can’t even tell that I’m wearing anything under this dress," Brittany said.

She added: "Also, the fact that Kim managed to get an amazing shapewear that is backless and does not show in a dress like this, that’s crazy.

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"I’m also so impressed at how well this smooths everything out in the front and also gives me more shape. It just looks so good," the content creator said.

Brittany also pointed out that the shorts are ideal for warmer weather.

"This is going to be a staple for me all summer," the content creator said.

She concluded: "Warm weather clothes, all my backless dresses, I’m obsessed."

One influencer joked that the Skims brand is using sorcery after trying on the viral bodysuit.

Another TikToker compared Skims dresses without and without shapewear.

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