I’m a size 16 with 32JJ boobs & found a top which is super flattering without a bra, I was shook | The Sun

PEOPLE with bigger chests have always struggled to find clothing that's flattering for their bodies, but this woman found a top that enhances her boobs.

Abby Russell, a TikTok influencer who is a US size 12, found a top she's obsessed with, and it makes her boobs look amazing.

She captioned her TikTok video: "I didn’t choose the big boob life it chose me. This top – NO BRA! I’m shook – it’s from Abercrombie (I’m a 32JJ & size 16 (UK)."

The Tie-Front Puff Sleeve Top is from Abercrombie & Fitch, which typically costs $50, but it is on sale for just $18.99.

Abby bought the white and brown polka dot pattern.

She was incredibly happy with how the top fit on her: "Am I showing off my boobs or do I just have boobs and exist?"

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People in the comments agreed with her that the top was beautiful on her.

One person said: "This is such a pretty outfit oh my god."

Another person commented: "This really made me sit and reflect a min…like why am I trying to cover them so much."

"what size did you get?! I need it" one person asked.

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Abby responded: "I’m wearing a L."

Many people were impressed with Abercrombie's design and inclusivity.

The brand, for many years, was known for its limited sizes and target audience to be slimmer people, but the rebranding seems to appeal to a larger market now.

"As someone who worked at Abercrombie in 2006…I STILL cannot believe this rebranding," one person commented.

"Wait THAT’S Abercrombie???," another person wrote.

One other TikTok user was inspired by Abby's look and couldn't resist buying it: "You literally made me order this next day delivery for my trip to Florence. Such an incredible top."

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