I’m a size 16 – trolls expect me to hide my body away but I won’t stop wearing crop tops | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZED fashion lover has subverted expectations with her revealing and fun outfits.

The size 16 woman said that society may think fat people should hide their bodies, but she refuses to be held down by boring standards.

Plus-size content creator Callie, known as @chaoticallycallie, received over one million likes on a TikTok video that aims to dispel notions about what curvier women should and should not wear.

According to the woman's TikTok bio, much of the woman's social content pertains to being "fat, hot & occasionally fashionable."

She loves wearing crop tops, short skirts, and other form-fitting attire that she says society thinks she's too big to wear.

The video is appropriately captioned "Wear whatever makes you feel your best and most comfortable" and is catered to a plus-size audience.

The video begins with the 22-year-old standing in front of the camera without makeup and with wet hair, while she wears tie-dye pajama pants and an oversized blue T-shirt.

She has a somber expression on her face as the words " How society expects fat people to dress" is overlayed on the screen.

The song "I'm so sorry that you have to have a body" byAJJ plays at the beginning of the video.

The visual then transitions into a more upbeat feel with a powerful message.

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The plus-size fashion lover dispels societal standards by showing viewers how she chooses to dress for her body shape.

Callie makes it known that she is proud of her personal style and loves every inch of it by wearing a light orange halter covered in dark orange hearts and a burnt orange bodycon skirt as Megan Thee Stallion's hit single "Body" plays in the background.

The words "How I Dress" are written at the top of the screen as the young woman does a series of poses with her hands on her hips and has a sassy facial expression on her face.

Many viewers were impressed by Callie's confidence and were grateful for her size 16 representation.

"If they don't want us to wear it… why make it in our size?" one user inquired.

"Okay so you can probably pull off absolutely anything, you're so pretty," another added.

"you look amazing + thanks for everything you’re stating with your style," another viewer praised.

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