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IT is set to be one of the biggest global events in recent history with millions of viewers from across the globe.

But King Charles' Coronation will also mark the first time Prince Harry reunites with his family after the release of his bombshell memoir, Spare.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that the Duke of Sussex had finally confirmed his attendance for his father and stepmother Camilla's big day.

A statement released said: "Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation Service at Westminster Abbey on 6th May."

It added that Harry's wife Meghan will not attend the ceremony and will remain in California with their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

With royal fans waiting on tenterhooks to see how Harry's reunion with his family will play out, a royal expert is lifting the lid on what to expect.


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Three reasons

In a chat with The Sun, Angela Levin shared her opinion on why the Prince decided to attend the Coronation.

She said: “I think there could be three reasons. Firstly he feels a bit guilty due to the reaction, especially to Spare and the huge downturn of his popularity.

"Secondly, a gene is left in his body somewhere that reminds him what is expected of a royal and if he misses the Coronation of his father, he may never forgive himself.

"Thirdly, it could be that he would like to provide material for another Netflix documentary where he can say how badly he’s been treated."

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Difficult discussions

Tensions between Prince Harry and his family were exacerbated with the release of his memoir SpareCredit: PA
Angela believes Harry won't be able to have private conversations with his father the King and Camilla, the Queen ConsortCredit: Getty

With all that has happened between Harry and his family, many people believe his return would be a chance for all parties to resolve their differences.

But Angela believes there is little hope of a "deep" one-on-one between Harry and his father.

She says: “There will be no time for such a deep and difficult discussion that you can’t sort out in a few minutes.

"The King will be overwhelmed by the religious part of the ceremony and will be deeply moved thinking about his mother. He will be busy all around.”

In Spare, Harry spoke in depth about the Queen Consort Camilla and mentioned the role she played in the breakdown of his parent’s marriage.

Additionally, in an ITV interview, he labelled Camilla "dangerous" and described why she was the "villain" after the death of his mother Princess Diana in 1997.

Naturally, there might be some tension between the two of them. But will Harry have a conversation with her?

Angela says: “I don’t think Harry will get a chance to be with her other than nod his head in recognition.

"She will be there to support Charles. She will be nervous and not want to get into any difficult discussions either. She will also be with her family."

Prince Harry’s strained relationship also extends to his brother. In the memoir, he explosively described the moment he was attacked by his brother over his relationship with Meghan.

He describes how William called Meghan "difficult", "rude", and "abrasive". He also writes about how William: "grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and … knocked me to the floor."

Fans hoping to catch glimpses of the two brothers together will be disappointed, according to Angela.

“I think William will keep well away," she says.

"He will be drawn into the mood of the Coronation thinking about his father and his own Coronation in the future. He will be sitting well away from Harry so that no cameras can take images of them together.”

'No side chat'

Angela believes Harry will also be treated “more briskly and with no side chat”, which might lend credence to how the Duke says he was treated at the funeral of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

It has been reported the duke wasn't too pleased with the reception he received from his family when he attended the late monarch's funeral.

Angela says: “I can’t read his mind but he complained a lot about his treatment at the Queen’s funeral. He said he felt he was not given a warm welcome. He won’t get one at this event either, of course.

"The trouble is, the funeral was about the Queen and not him. This will be about his father and not him. I doubt he has grown to accept this.”

Only ally

With the Prince at odds with his nuclear family, Angela believes Princess Eugenie, who he shares a close bond with might be the only one that may be on friendly terms with him.

To date, his cousin has been the only family member who has flown out to visit him in California after he decided to take a step back as a working royal.

Last month, it was reported that the Duke and Duchess were evicted from their UK base Frogmore Cottage so it could be given to his disgraced uncle Prince Andrew, a decision that is said to have taken the couple by surprise.

But Angela believes he will return briefly. “He will be allowed to stay in Frogmore Cottage. It will be the last time he can use it.”

She also believes public opinion on his visit will be a mixed bag.

“I think the public will be split – some will boo and some will be pleased he turned up," she says.

"Also, some will be keen to see how he behaves.”

Since Harry was stripped of his police protection, we've seen him being accompanied by burley bodyguards.

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He was with them when he made a surprise visit to the UK for a court case last month. Angela believes we may see them protecting him again for the Coronation. 

She says: "There will be a great many bodyguards for everyone including Harry. He is entitled to be guarded at a royal/state event." 

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