I'm a property expert… five home features that decrease the value by 50 per cent (& it’s bad news if you’re into DIY) | The Sun

A PROPERTY expert has revealed which common errors will slash the value of your home by half – and failed DIY projects are among them.

When preparing to sell their property, homeowners might think of ways to add more value, for instance rushing to paint a wall.

But just as important, it turns out, is considering how certain features might actually do the opposite and decrease the value, in some cases by a whopping 50 per cent.

Offering a helping hand to those currently on the market, Emily Snape, a spokesperson at Lovespace, chatted to The Express and listed five biggest errors that make the home harder to sell.

“When selling your home, always look out for the features which may be 'deal-breakers' for potential buyers. 

“First impressions are important when selling your home, so put in time and effort to make sure the property is presentable and any small flaws which can be fixed, are.”

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Mould or damp

Although mild cases of mould are unlikely to affect a property’s value too much, very severe cases can.

This, the whizz explained, happens because potential buyers will realise there's a job that needs fixing after the purchase.

“In the most severe cases, mould can decrease value by up to 50 percent.

''If you act quickly, you can eliminate mould with a dehumidifier and mould-resistant paint.”

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Once the underlying problem has been dealt with, you can use a combination of heat, and good ventilation to remove any excess moisture present on the surfaces.

Lack of kerb appeal

As a potential buyer, almost nothing compares to the disappointment of turning up for a viewing and being introduced to an unkempt, poorly cared-for property.

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The expert explained: “The exterior of the house is the first thing buyers see.

''Make sure to give the outside of your house some TLC before inviting buyers over for viewings.”

Pet smells

It's not just what the buyer sees that can make a huge difference – any unpleasant odours do too.

“Lingering pet odours can be detrimental to the price of a house as many people find it off-putting.

''Neutralise pet smells with specialised cleaning products and ask a friend or neighbour to come over to check if the odour has gone,'' the property guru advised.

Not energy efficient enough

Unlike the majority of the previous owners, modern buyers tend to be more environmentally-friendly, and for them the place's energy efficiency is of high importance.

So, if your property's single glazed windows and poor insulation are driving down its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, they'll also be slashing its value.

Emily explained: “Amid the current energy crisis, many people are prioritising energy efficiency ratings as a crucial consideration when planning to move house. 

“Improving energy efficiency can be relatively easy.

''For example, you can install insulation or lagging jackets, switch to energy-saving light bulbs or if you have spare cash, upgrade your boiler.”

DIY repairs

Who doesn't love a fun DIY project?!

Well, according to the expert, potential buyers might not appreciate your artistic work, especially if the self-installed lamp or the wonky wallpaper is a disaster.

She said: “Most homeowners have done a fair share of DIY repairs on the house to save money and avoid hiring a professional to carry out these tasks.

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''Although this method provides a quick fix, dodgy maintenance jobs give the buyers grounds to negotiate for a cheaper price.”

Emily advised: “For a professional finish, it might be worth getting these renovations redone.”

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