I'm a professional cleaner & there are 5 things I’d never have in my own home… tiny tiles in the bathroom is one of them | The Sun

CLEANING your home is hard enough as it is, so why make it even harder?

The way you decorate and design your home can make a massive difference to how easy it is to clean.

At least according to professional cleaner Alyssa, who runs her own deep cleaning company.

She posted on TikTok revealing the five things that she'd never have in her own home becuase of how tricky they can be to clean.

Waterfall faucets

They might look good for the first week, but the truth is they're going to be a nightmare to keep clean.

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Alyssa said: "I despise these things, the limescale and calcium build-up is terrible.

"Unless you want to dry it after every time you use it and clean it every day I don't recommend getting them."

Screw on toilet seats

Usually, there are two types of toilet seats – screw on ones, and slide on ones.

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Screw on toilet seats making cleaning that little bit more difficult.

The pro explained: "It's essential for me at this point to have a toilet seat that either slides off or lifts off so I don't have to unscrew things.

"You get such a better clean."

non-detachable showerhead

Having a rain shower fitted to the ceiling of your bathroom might look posh, but it probably makes cleaning the bathroom more tricky.

A detachable showerhead means you can get the water exactly where you want it.

Too much grout

Small tiles in your home can look really chic but will take twice as long to clean.

"Please don't do this , for you own sanity," the pro quipped.

Opt for a larger tile with less grout to make life easier for yourself in the long run.

Framed shower doors

You might have a glass shower door, which is probably already hard enough to keep streak-free.

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But adding a frame to the glass will just collect dirt and grime.

Either stick to a shower curtain or pick shower doors that are just glass.

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