I’m a pro declutterer – how to fake Kim Kardashian’s designer closet using bargains from Amazon & Home Depot | The Sun

KIM Kardashian has enviable style – and an equally enviable walk-in closet.

While most people don't have the same square footage in their own homes, there are easy ways to copy the luxe feel of Kim's closet in a smaller space and with a more limited budget.

Closet organizer and Los Angeles stylist Caitlin Jaymes uploaded a video sharing advice on how to create a closet like Kim's.

Caitlin says: “In Kim’s closet, she has these amazing shelves. It’s literally like, a walk-in room.”

“It’s all her handbags displayed, all her shoes. It looks so good and gives that high-end boutique feel.”

The first thing Kim’s fans might want to invest in for their closets is purse pillows, according to Caitlin.

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She explains: “Most of Kim’s bags have a pillow inside that holds the shape and keeps them upright.”

A four-pack of Bag-a-Vie Purse Pillow Shaper Inserts for luxury purses and handbags goes for $109.95 on Amazon.

Next, Caitlin recommends acrylic purse stands from Amazon which cost $15.99 for five small pieces.

She says: “I love that they’re acrylic because you can’t see them, and you can really just focus on the 'pop' of your bag.”

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Lastly, Caitlin advises viewers to install floating shelves in their closets to achieve Kim’s design.

She says: “If you don’t have shelf space in your closet, I love these white floating shelves from Amazon or Home Depot.

“You can put the purse stands on top and create a really cute display that way.”

A set of three white floating shelves from Home Depot costs $102.86.

A similar set of three white floating shelves will cost you $33.99 on Amazon.

Commenters on TikTok have been grateful for Caitlin's tips.

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