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A PLUMBER has taken to TikTok to share why you’re getting condensation and mould in your home – and how to deal with it once and for all. 

In a video shared on the @verifiedbyexperttrades page, an expert shared that it’s the drastic change in temperature, like having a hot shower in an already cold room, that causes condensation. 

This can then turn into mould, which not only ruins your walls but can also cause serious health issues. 

During the one-minute video, he explains how keeping vents open and cleaning your extractor fan could solve the problem. 

“The main problem with the bathroom is you’ve got mould, you’ve got condensation. 

“Ways to get around that. 


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!"Number one is ventilation. It occurs when we’ve got a warm atmosphere touching a cold atmosphere. 

“Those warm water droplets or water vapour will stick to that cold surface and then they condense, turn into water as such, and then you’ll have puddles on your windowsill. 

“Ventilation is key for that. We’re lucky here, we’e gt brand new windows and they’ve got things called little trickle vents on, so in a bathroom, you can leave these open, and you’re not going to have that massive contrast in temperatures. 

“In older properties, you can leave your window open ever so slightly, that’s going to do exactly the same thing as the trickle vent. 

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“Or you’ve got an extraction fan. If you’ve already got one, clean it. That’s one of the big things, they do get full of dust, full or dirt. 

“It’s not the cleanest environment. You get into the bath because you’re dirty, so all that dirt’s got to go somewhere. 

“Can you upgrade to a more powerful one? 

“If you’ve got one in the ceiling, your fan will be in the loft somewhere which will vent out to another place. How long is that run? Can we make that run shorter of flexible pipe so it’s got a free flow of air going to it?” 

Fans loved the plumber’s easy hacks, with the video gaining more than 58,000 views. 

In the comments, some shared their ideas for how to limit condensation and mould, with one writing: “Bicarbonate of soda in a bowl on the windowsill does a job from experience.” 

They replied: “Good tip.”

Another said: “Heat the bathroom first BEFORE you fill the bath or run the shower.”

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