I'm a pet owner – people call mine a 'dangerous predator' but all he wants is love | The Sun

A PET owner has revealed that while people call their animal a "dangerous predator," all he really wants is love.

A video has surfaced on TikTok showing a creature that many would mistake for a husky but actually turns out to be an affectionate wolf looking for some love.

The first clip of the viral video shows the long-legged furry canine staring into the camera with glowing yellow eyes.

Many would expect to find a wolf hiding out in a cave or hunting in the forest. However, this one wasn't roaming out in nature.

Instead, it was living an indoor domestic life, and trying its best to navigate new pack dynamics and get along with its owner's other beloved husky.

Apparently, the domesticated animal is just as eager for attention as other pets.

"Every morning, the wolf runs to the owner's room to call him to go for a walk," the video's narrator explained.

The camera shows the wolf watching as the husky gets a good scratch on the ears.

"When he saw that the owner was petting husky with one hand, the wolf also wanted to be touched," the narrator noted, before showing the wolf attempting to pull on his owner's hand.

Unfortunately, his owner was distracted and did not offer him his other hand. The wolf needed to find a new strategy.

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"Then the wolf stuck his face under the owner's hand at forced him to pet him," the voice added.

At that point, the husky began to get jealous that their owner was willing to share attention.

"When the husky saw this, he immediately laid down and cut off their connection," they explained.

In the comments section, many people expressed their sadness for the desperate, attention-deprived wolf.

"He just wants love," many suggested.

Other dog and cat owners expressed that their pets have exhibited similar behavior.

"My dog does the same thing when I pet my other dog or cat," another TikToker added.

Some people were still weary of the wolf's potentially dangerous instincts.

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"One wrong aggressive move it’s over," they warned.

Luckily, this particular wolf did not appear to be in attack mode, but rather just wanted to be treated like any other pet.

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