I’m a nail tech and there’s a serious reason I never take off other salon’s products – it can be so dangerous | The Sun

A NAIL TECHNICIAN has put out a statement revealing the real reason why she won't take off other salon's products.

Amber, from the US, said she would never do it again and shared how doing so could potentially be dangerous.

You may have thought nail techs were just being picky when they declined to take your nails off from another saloon – but there's actually a very good reason for it.

Taking to her TikTok account, @amberthenailwhisperer, she showed what happened to the last client's nails after she did it, and the scenes are shocking.

Amber said: "For all of those who could not understand why myself and other nail techs wont take off nail product from other salons," as she showed what can happen.

The nail tech had no idea what the other salon had used to do her client's nails but decided to soak them in acetone to try and remove the set.


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But the nail tech was left stunned as the nails didn't come off and instead became clumpy and expanded after reacting to the acetone.

She added: "I don't know what this product is, I don't even know if it is safe to put in acetone.

"It's expanding, it's rubbery, it won't melt.

"We don't know if it is even safe to breath the fumes of these two chemicals together and if it has any long term effects on my client if it seeps into her nails."

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Amber revealed she had to soak her clients nails for over two hours – and even then the nail product didn't come off.

The nail technician was inundated with comments asking why she proceeded to soak her client's nails in acetone if it may not be safe.

One wrote: ""We don't know if its safe to put in acetone: puts in acetone still."

Another person commented: "We don’t know if it’s safe for acetone. **proceeds to soak in acetone."

A third penned: "TWO HOURS IN ACETONE?! not safe but did it anyway."

Amber replied in the comments, writing: "We didn’t know it was an irregular product until after it was in the acetone we just thought it was dip powder. She was told it was a Dip Powder."

In the end, Amber said she was able to get the nails off, she added: "We got it off and her nails were way overfiled drilled extremely thin. Her skin was fine with the acetone contact. All is well and I redid her nails."

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