I'm a mum-of-two & people always mispronounce my daughters' names – it’s infuriating, they’re not that hard | The Sun

FOR any parent, settling on the perfect name for their baby is one of the trickiest decisions they have to face.

So imagine finding the dream moniker, only for people to constantly mispronounce it.

That's the unfortunate scenario one anonymous mum has found herself in – and she took to Mumsnet to vent all about it.

In the post, she penned: "I have two daughters, Beatrix and Lois.

"I thought these were two classic names with a single settled pronunciation each, with minimal room for misinterpretation, at least by native English speakers. But was I wrong?!"

She went on to explain that for the "avoidance of doubt," she pronounces the names 'Bee-uh-trix' and 'Lo-iss.'


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But much to her annoyance, she says that Beatrix is often called 'Beet-rix' while Louis is called 'Loyce' – as in rhyming with 'voice.'

She adds: "I usually let the first go as I just think 'close enough', but I can't resist correcting 'Loyce.'

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"Beatrix is sometimes also called 'Beatrice', which is an understandable mix up that we did expect but is annoying when even family do it, and Lois is often misheard as 'Lewis' so that people assume she's a boy.

"Not bothered by either of these when the general public do it though."

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The frustrated mum went on to ask forum used what unexpected mispronunciations or misinterpretations they've encountered after naming their baby – and the post was flooded with comments.

"My daughter has mentioned that she occasionally gets 'Jean' from Leanne 'Lee anne'…who would have guessed that one?" wrote one.

A second commented: "I am a Sophie. I constantly get called Stacey over the phone. If I tell someone my name, Sophie, they repeat back 'Stacey.'

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A third noted: "I have an Eira (ay – rah) and it gets misheard as Isla a lot. Also we don't live in Wales so the majority say I-ruh."

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